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How can you give students the flexibility they need without compromising the learning experience?

Nureva Inc., an innovator in advanced audio conferencing solutions, announces the global availability of Nureva® XT, a unique and highly integrated combination of audio, video, device management and support services. This integrated solution for hybrid and HyFlex classrooms combines Nureva’s full-room audio system, high-resolution camera and expanded services

Designed for educators who want the flexibility to extend the in-room experience to remote students and other participants, the solution easily combines with existing technology products (such as projectors and displays), to support hybrid teaching and learning, remote professional development sessions, enriched learning opportunities and more.

All this is delivered via a single USB connection to the instructor’s computer. There are Nureva XT solutions for standard-size and large classrooms. Each combines a Nureva audio system (HDL300 for standard, Dual HDL300 for large) with the new Nureva CV30 classroom camera kit and a three- or five-year subscription to Nureva Pro, which includes an extended warranty, exclusive device management features in Nureva Console, expanded technical support and advance hardware replacement.

Nureva XT provides a unique combination of full-room microphone pickup using patented Microphone Mist™ technology, in-room voice amplification, integrated 20-watt speakers and a high definition classroom camera with an 84 degree field of view that tightly focuses on the front of the classroom. Instructors can walk anywhere in the front of the classroom and be confident that they will be seen and heard by remote students.

Nureva XT overcomes the limitations associated with webcams and all-in-one systems that were designed for small meeting spaces and have insufficient microphone pickup range for classroom environments. Unlike complex, one-off solutions that require time-consuming installation and maintenance, Nureva XT brings together all this capability in an affordable package that is easy to install, set up, manage and scale.

Built for today’s flexible classrooms and future-proofed for whatever comes next, Nureva XT keeps students and instructors connected during a variety of in-room and remote classroom scenarios and use cases.

This includes virtual professional development sessions, where Nureva XT makes it easy for schools to tap into a wider range of trainers and programs, saving travel time and expense. Teachers can hold virtual admin meetings that accommodate everyone’s schedule and allow for immediate feedback when urgent issues require it.

For school districts and universities that struggle to offer a wide range of courses, Nureva XT can help make better use of limited resources, such as having one instructor teach students in multiple locations or to fill substitute teacher shortages. Nureva XT can also support enriched learning opportunities that give students a deeper understanding of subject areas, geographies and cultures – whether that’s through virtual field trips, connecting students with career mentors or building connections with students in other schools.

“The process for developing Nureva XT started with reaching out to our customers and learning about the challenges they faced in deploying hybrid learning products in their classrooms,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO.

“We quickly translated that input into a full-featured classroom solution that offers the simplicity, flexibility and reliability that has become so critical in today’s education environments.”

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