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Provide information about your banking and payments to DfE

This registration form will guide you to provide banking and payments information required by the Department for Education (DfE) and associated bodies.

Changes to your bank details are subject to a verification process. DfE may contact you or your colleagues, if further evidence is required.

DfE aims to set up accounts in a secure and efficient way.

The table below sets out the average timescales for requests. These times include the time taken by applicants to respond to our requests to confirm information we hold.

Type of request
Service level agreement
Average (mean) time during 2021 to 2022 financial year
Additional notes
Set up of a new account or amendments to existing records
15 working days
8.26 working days
Majority of user journeys
Applications for receipt of COVID-19 recovery: apprenticeship employer incentives
80 working days
50.11 working days
Scheme now closed – accessed via the Apprenticeship Service
Applications for receipt of COVID-19 recovery: traineeship incentives
45 working days
49.20 working days
Scheme accessed via the Apprenticeship Service

Start now

Use this form if you are:

a supplier of goods and services
an education and training provider (for example academies, colleges and training organisations)
an external individual claiming expenses

Use this form to:

inform DfE and associated bodies of payment details and changes to bank account details
change any other information, for example remittance address or company address

If you have any queries please contact the DfE standing data team directly by emailing [email protected]

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