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What are Teaching school hubs?

Teaching school hubs will be school-led centres of excellence for teacher and leadership training and development. 

The teaching school hub programme will create a network of 87 centres of excellence for teacher training and development, focused on some of the best schools and multi-academy trusts in the country. This programme replaces the previous network of around 750 teaching schools, which will end in August 2021.

Teaching school hubs will provide high-quality professional development to teachers at all stages of their careers.

They will be expected to play a significant role in delivering:

Teaching school hubs will also promote and deliver other high-quality evidence-based professional development to school leaders and teachers.


They will be funded for 3 years (subject to confirmation) and will be accessible to every school in the country.

Teaching school hubs will receive an annual grant, subject to conditions, including demonstrating progress against key performance indicators. Each hub will have its own defined area and must serve all schools within it, although this will not prevent hubs from working with schools outside their area.

Find a teaching school hub

In autumn 2020, we invited high performing schools, rated good or outstanding, to apply to become teaching school hubs. In February 2021, we selected the new 81 successful teaching school hubs to join the existing 6 test and learn hubs.

This has created a network of 87 teaching school hubs, achieving national coverage for the first time and ensuring every school in the country has access to a centre of excellence for teacher professional development.

To find your local teaching school hub, download the list of teaching school hubs by area and search column A for the local authority district of your school. If you’re unsure of your local authority district, you can find this on the ‘location’ tab of your school’s record on get information about schools.

List of teaching school hubs by area (ODS, 17.8KB)

Birmingham and Cornwall local authority districts have 2 hub areas in each by geographical division. Select the local authority district that you think your school belongs to. The teaching school hub will confirm if you’re within their hub area.


The teaching school hub programme is part of a comprehensive strategy dedicated to supporting teachers throughout their teaching career. It forms part of the implementation of the recruitment and retention strategy to raise teacher quality and effectiveness.

The teaching school hub programme was announced in 2019 and was followed by procurement to successfully appoint 6 test and learn hubs. In January 2020, we announced those successful test and learn hubs.

Published 20 November 2020
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