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Chairman Nick Hurn, OBE, who is CEO of Trinity Catholic MAT and Headteacher of Cardinal Hume Catholic School in Gateshead

Education Mutual was created by education professionals who were motivated to create a new model after growing frustrated with insurance policies charging a premium for a decreasing service. 

Figures in 2019 revealed a staggering 57% of teachers have considered leaving the education sector within the past two years because of health pressures. Education Mutual looks to remedy this by offering staff access to early-intervention treatment for a wide range of health issues.  

The insurance ‘disruptor’ have secured an astonishing 3,400 % increase in market share in just 12 months. Only a year ago, they had 20 schools on their books but they now boast over 700 – and the numbers are rising weekly.

Education Mutual, set up for schools by schools, is gaining customers at the expense of more traditional private insurance providers like Towergate and The Schools Advisory Service.Some schools, who have switched providers, have already made savings in excess of £5000 in just over a year and the average school saves more than a £1,000.In addition, as Education Mutual is a mutual any funds not claimed over the insurance period are plowed back into the education pot, rather than claimed as profits by the private companies which are run for profit.

Chairman Nick Hurn, OBE, who is CEO of Trinity Catholic MAT and Headteacher of Cardinal Hume Catholic School in Gateshead, said:

“There is a revolution going on in the way school finances are run.”Instead of profits being sucked into the private sector they are being redistributed back into the system.”There has been exponential growth in Education Mutual’s market share and this is continuing to grow rapidly.”Our members can see for themselves that as well as providing more coverage for staff absence / illness for less cost – we provide the highest level of aftercare services for our teachers who are in need of help and support.”The bespoke service offers schools that sign up access to an array of readily accessible innovative rehabilitation solutions, including: mental health support, physiotherapy and stress counseling.Teachers, who are under  pressure in the classroom, now have a staff absence service that is specially designed to support them by giving them confidential access to excellent health and wellbeing services.

Mr. Hurn added: “The core aim of Education Mutual is to improve upon the service levels and accessibility of claim information available from private schemes. “The claims process will be completely transparent at all stages with no small print, hidden exclusions or administration deterrents.”

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