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UK teachers acknowledged in global edtech’s wall of fame 2022

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Literacy Planet today announced the winners in their annual 2022 Educator Wall of Fame, which shines a light on educators from around the world who are inspiring their students and peers with their passion, excellence, and creativity. 

Recognised across the categories: champion teachers, creative educators, unsung educational heroes, and phenomenal leaders; outstanding educators from schools in London, Kent, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire and Lincolnshire were selected from more than 400+ global nominations, and 21 winners. 

Tom Richardson, CEO, Literacy Planet said it was a great privilege to recognise these incredible educators that have proven, once again, how important and inspiring their work is and who deserve to be known as Wall of Famers. 

“As 2022 presented the opportunity for schooling to go back to a semi-normal situation, one thing that’s very clear is that educators the world over, stepped up. They have created new and fun learning opportunities, provided a level of care that only teachers can, they stood up and made the education of our young charges a priority and they did it with all the pressures that come with such responsibility.” 

“After reviewing hundreds of quality entries from schools around the world, we’ve narrowed it down to this year’s winners. Congratulations to these 2022 Educator Wall of Fame winners who have inspired the whole LiteracyPlanet team, and no doubt, our entire community,” declared Richardson. 

The five UK based 2022 Educator Wall of Fame winners who have motivated students and sought the best ways to deliver fun, engaging and inspirational lessons, include:

  • Creative Educator: Ms Watts, English Teacher 

College Francais Bilingue de Londres – London 

Ms Watts is recognised for going above and beyond to create unforgettable projects and lessons for her students. From the “Comma Carnival” (including popcorn and the sound of rides and crowds at a fun fair) which saw students take part in carnival activities related to grammar, to immersive escape room games to learn about Shakespeare. Ms Watts’ “Day of the Dead” project for her year 8 students was a hit around the school as a celebration of poets and poetry, decorating the canteen and dressing up. 

  • Unsung Educational Hero: Justine Hennessy, Family Liaison Officer, Wellbeing and SEN Support 

Dunton Green Primary School – Sevenoaks 

Justine supports pupils, families and staff in her school community by responding to each individual’s needs with enthusiasm, care and compassion. Her nominator said, “I genuinely could not do my job without her.” Justine secured funding for year 6 residential places, organising food parcels, counselling services, daily drop-ins for children with anxiety, speech and language support and so much more. 

  • Unsung Educational Hero: Lana Wrigley 

Stopsley High School – Luton 

Lana’s passion is encouraging all students to read. She is extremely patient with weak readers and this year established—and continues to run—the school’s Reading Partners programme, giving older students the opportunity to support younger students. Not only has the programme helped younger students to improve their reading, but it has also built confidence in the older students’ leadership abilities. 

  • Phenomenal Leader: Catherine Hartley 

Fitzharrys School – Abingdon 

Over the past year, Catherine has worn two important hats, expertly running her department, whilst also leading Teaching and Learning across the curriculum. In doing so, she has created new initiatives, consulted with staff, created the infrastructure that underpins them and modelled them with incredible humility, generosity of spirit and creativity. 

  • Phenomenal Leader: Kate Steward 

Ormiston South Parade Academy – Grimsby 

Dedicated to making her school a happy, caring and safe environment in which to learn and work, Kate ensures every child, staff member, parent and carer feels welcome and heard. Known to always have an open door, Kate’s relationship with school parents is critical, ensuring they are involved in important events and ceremonies throughout the school year. 

Speaking about her win, Ms Watts from College Francais Bilingue de Londres, said, “Thank you for this unexpected honour!” 

“I would like to share it with my wonderful team here at CFBL and all educators worldwide who took on the wondrous task of shaping tomorrow’s world and making it a better place by doing their work with love and passion.” 

Sevenoaks’ local star, Justine Hennessy from Dunton Green Primary School was also as thrilled with being acknowledged and explained her focus and passion for wellbeing support in learning. 

“To win the Unsung Educational Hero Award is an honour.” 

“My role as Family Liaison Officer/Wellbeing and SEN Support brings me so much pleasure as I am able to make a difference in the lives of both children and families in our school. Our school is committed to supporting and improving the wellbeing of our pupils and we provide a nurturing environment to encourage them to thrive in their learning.” 

LiteracyPlanet selected educators from more than 10 countries around the world, with Wall of Fame 2022 winners originating from the USA, India, South Africa, Mozambique, Cayman Islands, China, the UAE, Australia and Sweden. 

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