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9 benefits of working in a startup as a graduate

Leaving university and deciding the next steps to take as students navigate not only their  career paths, but also where they want to live, can be an extremely daunting task (@moneycouk).

Another topic that arises for graduates fresh from their studies is whether to join and climb the ladder within an established corporate business, or to take the plunge and join a start-up business in a sector or field that really inspires them. 

As part of its new Startup Cities report, the finance experts at have compiled a list of nine reasons why joining a startup business as a graduate may be beneficial and  significant in shaping your future career.

  1. Faster progression and opportunities

Working in a startup business often has a faster progression rate for employees, due to the rapidly growing and evolving nature of such a new entity. 

This is a great benefit for graduates as it means they aren’t likely to remain in an entry-level role for a long period of time, and will be required to take on more challenging tasks far sooner than they would in a larger business. 

  1. Development of skills 

In comparison to larger businesses, where everyone has their set role and tasks assigned to them, startup businesses often carry an ‘all hands on deck’ mindset that is ingrained in their employers from day one. 

This workplace mentality provides graduates with more opportunities to gain experience, and prepares them to be able to take on various tasks and projects that fall outside of their remit. This, in turn, assists with new skills and expanding capabilities as they get a feel for the areas of the business they can thrive within.

  1. Less distance between management and executives

Due to startups having much smaller teams and working environments, often there is much less hierarchy between junior and senior members of staff. 

This not only creates a better working environment in the business with everyone feeling equal and feeling like their opinions and thoughts matter, it also gives graduates and juniors  the opportunity to find a mentor in a senior and develop personal and professional growth. 

  1. More input on the business

Founders of startup businesses will be much more engaged and involved with the employees that work for them than a CEO of a large corporation might be, with a clear line of communication between themselves and all members of the team. 

This allows for a more junior member’s voice to be heard and gives them the opportunity to have input and put forward any ideas or suggestions for the growth and improvement of such a young business. 

  1. Recognition and rewards for hard work

In a startup, each member of the team is accountable for the work that’s produced, as it can have a significant impact on the success or the failure of the business. 

Although this can result in more responsibility being put on an employee, it also means that a larger amount and chance for recognition and reward for your work that may have gone unnoticed in a bigger corporation. 

  1. Creative environment

Many startups often look to set up in a space or atmosphere that will encourage employees’ creativity and productivity levels. This can be advantageous to graduates, as they deal with the transition into working life, and start careers in a more natural and welcoming environment instead of a large corporate office.  

  1. Company culture

Many startups live by the motto ‘work hard, play hard’ and often reward employees with regular activities and social events to build a strong company culture and keep a low staff turnover. 

Whilst not a preference for all members of a team, this way of building relationships and bonds outside of office hours can be extremely appealing to graduates, especially if they have moved to a new city and are still laying foundations when it comes to their social circle. Besides, who can say no to free pizza, beer Fridays, ping pong tables and a pool tournament? 

  1. Instant responsibility

When joining a startup, it’s unlikely that there will be a number of people with your skillset doing the same role as you. That means that you’re likely to be given sole responsibility for your role from day one, allowing you to quickly develop and feel like you’re an integral part of the business. 

  1. Relaxed dress code

With the relaxed environment of a startup business, also comes the benefit of a relaxed dress code. Unlike corporate companies where smart attire is traditionally required, you’ll be pleased to know that if you join a startup, you likely won’t need to fork out for a new work wardrobe as casual jeans and a t-shirt will suffice until you are required to attend important external meetings.  

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