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Coventry College urging businesses to throw next generation a working lifeline

@CoventryCollege is urging businesses to throw a lifeline to the next generation of workers by taking advantage of the government’s latest round of apprenticeship and trainee initiatives.

Chancellor @RishiSunak has pledged to pay every firm £1,000 for each trainee that they employ, while £2,000 will be paid to businesses for every apprentice they hire in a bid to encourage employers to include young people in their rebuilding plans.

Following the news, Coventry College has moved to launch a new work-based traineeship programme to help employers identify suitable talent and mitigate the risk of fewer working opportunities becoming available for college leavers.

This will see the College working closely with employers to produce training programmes tailored to suit individual businesses – including the days the trainee works, and how the programme will be delivered.

Emma Ingram, Head of Employer Engagement at Coventry College, said:

“So many young people were looking forward to starting an apprenticeship in the autumn, but with businesses understandably focusing on getting back on their own two feet after COVID-19, there is an impact on businesses recruiting for apprenticeships and other placements.

“What the government has recently announced can only serve to encourage businesses to put recruitment at the front of their minds – but there is still the challenge from a business perspective of ‘where and how do I start the recruitment process?’

“That is why Coventry College has launched this traineeship programme where our recruitment professionals are offering a more personalised service to employers – delivering students with the right attitude and skillsets to work when companies need them.

“Unlike the standard apprenticeship process where there is a commitment for a prolonged period, our traineeship programme will enable employers to enter into more of a flexible arrangement, with the trainee undertaking a quality work experience placement combined with a tailored training programme, delivered by the College’s professional work-based learning team.

“This includes a period of time where employers can assess a student’s skills, ability and attitude – before deciding on a longer-term training programme or an apprenticeship to suit the business’s needs.”

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