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Daventry schools around Logicor’s new site take part in Reach Daventry employability programme

Social mobility charity, The Talent Foundry, has partnered with Logicor – a logistics and real estate leader in the UK and Europe – to deliver core skills development workshops.

Over 200 Year 10 and Year 12 students from four schools, The Duston School, Harris Church of England Academy, Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College, and Bilton School took part in Reach Daventry.

With a focus on giving new opportunities to students from underserved backgrounds, The Talent Foundry partners with industry leaders to give young people employability skills and help them experience careers that might otherwise seem out of reach.

The in-school workshops with Logicor gave young people an insight into the world of logistics real estate management and a chance to get hands-on with tasks commonly confronted by Logicor team members. Students also got to engage with Logicor employees, including Michael Slattery, Chief Executive Officer.

Diane Fisher, teacher at The Duston School said:

“The workshop was perfect. The students were engaged throughout, and it has made the world of logistics come to life for them. The workshop has made them consider real estate logistics as a potential career path. It has opened their eyes to the numerous opportunities within this industry and improved their confidence and presenting skills.”

Logicor will be opening their major new site at the edge of the ‘golden logistics triangle’ in Daventry. Opening in early 2025, the three new warehouses will range from 135,000 to 385,000 square feet. This will be a boost to the local and UK economy, with the logistics real estate sector currently employing 2.58 million people.

Michael Slattery, Logicor CEO, said: 

“It was great for all of us at Logicor to spend time with the students at four schools across Daventry, home to our UK flagship development. Together we talked about the opportunities found within the logistics real estate sector and discussed with the students their future ambitions. The highlight for me was to see the brilliantly thought-out innovative warehouse designs and watching the students present their ideas to our team.

“Huge thanks to all the students, staff and The Talent Foundry for this opportunity – we all loved it.”

Jenni Anderson, CEO of The Talent Foundry said: 

“Our partnership with Logicor, for this one-of-a kind day, gave students the opportunity to learn practical, industry skills and hear directly from volunteers from across the Logicor team. Together, we are giving young people new opportunities, with logistics and real estate management a tangible career choice for those who may have never considered it before. A huge thank you to the volunteers who took part across schools in Daventry.”

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