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Guidance: Reducing workload: identify the issues in your school

Audit tools to help schools find out what tasks and which areas staff are spending time on.

You should decide which audit tools are most appropriate to use in your school:

  • workload
  • survey – for all staff (10 minutes) – to give you a better understanding of workload issues across your school or team
  • structured conversation template – for groups (30 minutes to 1 hour)
  • impact graph template – for groups (20 minutes)


  • identifying the issues (1 hour) – deciding how to act on the results of your audit with staff
  • using impact graphs (1 hour) – for senior leaders to measure the impact of different tasks on workload and discuss with staff

Our 3-stage guide to ‘Reducing workload in your school’ explains how to use the toolkit.

This is stage 1. When you’ve gathered the information you need you can use the workshops in stage 2.

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