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Heimdal satellite technologies initiates apprenticeship program for students amid UK job crisis

Heimdal Satellite Technologies (HSAT), a start-up specialising in agricultural technology, with £1.5 Million in funding from the European Space Agency, Norwegian Space Agency, and UK Government, is initiating an apprenticeship program to support the next generation of data scientists. This initiative, led by Welsh founder Rob Weston, provides employment, a paid-for college degree, and real-world experience for young individuals interested in data science, artificial intelligence, and satellite data.

Amid the recent job crisis in the UK, particularly in the local communities of Wales, Weston is dedicated to investing in the youth, providing them with opportunities to gain real-world training and experience in these fields. The unemployment rate in Wales has risen for a third month in a row – to 5% of all those over 16, the highest seen in Wales for more than five years.

This situation has motivated Weston to take action. “Our future lies in the hands of our youth. We must equip them with the tools and opportunities to shape a better world,” said Weston. “This program is about nurturing talent and building a community of future leaders in data science.”

The three-year apprenticeship program allows participants to work part-time at HSAT while simultaneously pursuing a part-time BSc degree in Data Science at a partnered university. This arrangement offers practical work experience and a debt-free degree.

HSAT’s work has a global impact, as demonstrated by their contribution to the analysis of the devastating Pakistan floods in 2022. “Our work is about making an impact in the world, and we want our apprentices to be a part of that. We’re offering a chance to be part of something bigger. A chance to shape the future of data science and make a real difference in the world ” Weston concluded.

About Heimdal Satellite Technologies: HSAT is a start-up focused on building solutions to monitor and predict crops globally. HSAT has been recognized for its innovation and has been awarded £1.5 Million in funding by the European Space Agency, Norwegian Space Agency, and the UK Government.

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