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Is 2023 the year to start a project management career?

career in project management

Project management is an incredibly rewarding choice of career and one that offers plenty of variety and great salaries. It is, however, also an incredibly demanding role and one that can often be stressful.

Experts such as those at Parallel Project Training know that project managers are in constant demand, and this is a situation that is really only set to increase for the foreseeable future. No matter what industry you are considering working in, there is always a requirement for work to be planned. If you have been considering a move to project management, then read on as we explore some of the reasons why 2023 might just be the year to take that first step into project management.

What does a project manager do?

What is project management? The simple answer is that project management is all about planning, organisation, securing, controlling, leading and, of course, managing the resources and tasks that are required to achieve the goals of a project. The project manager is responsible for determining those strategies that will drive the project, measure its progress and see it to a successful conclusion that is on time and on budget.

They will also be responsible for:

·       Deciding which skill sets will be useful on the project

·       Setting the budget for the necessary work

·       Leading project meetings and tracking progress

·       Setting schedules and time frames for the project

·       Choosing how the work will be done

·       Report to stakeholders on project progress

The scope of project management

Project management, like many other careers, requires individuals who have a range of skills if they want to be successful. These include being organised, effective at solving problems, having clear communication skills and being happy to take on a range of responsibilities. Project management certainly isn’t for everyone but for those who love variety, it is certainly worthy of consideration.

Why should you consider project management?

There are a huge number of reasons to consider a career in project management:

·       The demand for project managers is currently very high. PMI currently believe that by 2027 there will be 22 million roles in project management will have opened up

·       Project managers are required in all industries, and those with specialist industry knowledge together with a project management qualification such as APM PPQ will be well placed to find a role easily

·       Project management salaries are very competitive making it a great career choice

·       Once you have started out on a career path in project management there are great opportunities for advancement.

·       Because of the portable nature of the project management skill set, it is easy to move from one industry to another, or even move to another country to work

For those individuals who have already gained qualifications, either those from higher education such as a degree or industry related qualifications in another role, taking a project management qualification can offer the chance to gain additional skills and experience. Plus, they can use them in combination with those qualifications already held in order to find a role in a field that is incredibly diverse and offers plenty of challenges.

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