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Itec Training Solutions Limited is helping to celebrate #TheEOeffect for UK Employee Ownership Day


The employees of Itec Training Solutions Limited based throughout Wales and England are delighted to be part of the UK Employee Ownership Day (EO Day), run by the Employee Ownership Association (EOA), on Friday 23rd June 2023.

Itec are taking part in this year’s EO Day, which has the theme of #TheEOeffect, to showcase the impact employee ownership has on employees, business, the wider economy, communities, and the environment.

Itec was founded over 40 years ago and now operates across 18 sites in Wales and England, employing over 180 staff, providing quality services within the skills, education and employability sectors, holding Welsh Government contracts to deliver Apprenticeships and Jobs Growth Wales Plus, a Department for Work and Pensions contract (as a provider of Serco) to deliver Restart, an Education and Skills Funding Agency contract to deliver Apprenticeships in England, along with offering commercial training to individuals and employers throughout the UK.

Itec became 100% employee owned in 2019, as part of a succession plan to preserve its status as a leading independent provider and to place their people at the heart of the business. We are proud to be celebrating employee ownership alongside others in the sector across the UK.

Esther Barnes, HR Director for Itec Training Solutions, said:

“Being employee owned provides us with long term stability and through empowering our employees we are continually evolving our business. I am extremely proud of our loyal and highly motivated team who make a difference and have a say as we seek ways to grow and improve our services for all our customers.

On EO Day, we will be joining together as a business to reflect on our achievements over the last 12 months and the positive effect being an employee-owned business has had, with a live Q&A session with the Board of Directors and of course, sweet treats will be provided for all to enjoy on the day!”

James de le Vingne, CEO for the Employee Ownership Association, said:

“Companies such as Itec Training Solutions Limited are great examples of the economic and social benefits that can be achieved when employees have a stake and a say in the business in which they work.

“Since it started 11 years ago, the reach of EO Day and the scale of the employee ownership sector has grown, with both having more than doubled in the past few years.

“Now, we have the opportunity to accelerate the pace of growth and reach even wider audiences to shout about employee ownership and its impact.

“The benefits that employee ownership provides to the business and to employees is something this year’s EO Day will raise awareness of.

“At a time of economic turbulence, EO’s benefits for employees, businesses and local areas is particularly relevant.

“By making as much noise as possible we can help to showcase the impact of employee ownership and #TheEOeffect.”

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