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Leading training provider forms strong partnership with international facilities management business to offer learn and earn platform


@QubeLearning, a national training provider has solidified a relationship with OCS Group UK (OCS), an international facilities management services company, as they train motivated workers across the nation.

OCS were keen to work with a training provider that shared the same ethos of employee care and progression, and had the ability to be commercial, agile and flexible. Key to this was finding a provider that would understand the facilities management industry, and therefore assist with the overall complexity, nuances and challenges that OCS encounters every day.

Working alongside three other selected providers, Qube Learning were chosen to work within four core areas of the OCS business (management & leadership, cleaning, facilities management Level 2 & 3 and business and project management) to help upskill, develop and retain staff. The leading training provider were tasked to aid cultural and behavioural changes and improve on processes and people performance and overall ROI, and after an initial meeting their motivation and commitment to make positive changes were clearly aligned with OCS.

Toni-Marie Vaughan, Apprenticeship Manager, of OCS Group UK says;

“Qube Learning skills coaches have done whatever they can to adapt to changes and demands of the business and accommodate where there have been challenges. They want to approach things from a true partnership and can adapt the bespoke schemes of work which is essential for our business since we cannot run ‘vanilla’ programmes which have not worked with other providers. Qube Learning stood out to us with their malleable style and passionate approach to success. They have been brilliant in supporting the new incentive scheme to recruit apprentices and openly collaborated with our other three providers”.

Qube Learning have supported OCS request to imbed the CMI diploma and using CMI as the end point assessment organisation for the management and leadership programmes with 48 apprenticeships underway so far. Offering a free one-day mentoring training programme, launching in October, Qube Learning want to make apprenticeships accessible and appealing for OCS employees who are keen to expand their professional knowledge whilst learning in a work environment.

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