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Kent and Amazon conference to address AI in Education

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On Wednesday 18 October the University of Kent will welcome Amazon to its Canterbury campus for a conference on AI.

“Empowering Tomorrow: Unleashing Creativity through Generative AI” will showcase the latest research and applications of AI that is taking place across the University of Kent and Amazon, with a focus on education. 

By bringing together experts in the field, the event will facilitate a joined up and collaborative approach AI across researchers, practitioners, policymakers and business – minimising the risks and challenges it poses, while capitalising on the opportunities.

The day will include talks from Amazon guest speakers as well as experts from Kent around the role and impact of AI as well as demonstrations from Kent students who are working in AI.

The following University of Kent staff will be available for interviews on the day:

Phil Anthony, Head of Technology and Advanced Learning. Phil leads the University’s E-Learning Team and is responsible for supporting and developing the use of technology in learning and teaching at the University of Kent, leading on new ways to use AI in teaching.  Phil draws on his teaching experience and technical expertise and works closely with students to advise on enhancing student learning through the use of learning technologies.

Thomas Hirschmann, teacher in Innovation at the Kent Business School. Thomas is a passionate entrepreneur and has successfully built several digital companies in the area of data, technology and innovation. He has a background in law, economics and psychology and is interested in everything innovative in the triangle of data, technology and human behaviour. His company CoreCortex offers AI-powered Innovation-as-a-Service (IaaS) in order to help businesses unleash the full potential of human creativity through artificial intelligence.

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