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Student experience set to be enhanced through new Partnership Agreement

College staff holding Partnership Agreement

@BordersCollege Student Partnership Agreement (SPA) 2023/24 has been signed by Chris Alder, Student President, and Pete Smith, Principal of Borders College. 

The SPA was also approved by the Regional Board of the College. This document outlines the partnership between the Students’ Association and the College, and it shares how both will work together to achieve our shared goals and support each other in our common values.

Borders College Students’ Association (BCSA) worked with students to create this Agreement to ensure student voices steer its focus. Through this work, we identified our three key, shared priorities: supporting student wellbeing, developing a stronger community, and promoting and expanding the Respect Campaign. By continuing to respect the open and honest relationship that exists between the Students’ Association and Borders College, we will strive to improve the student experience.

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