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Feedback culture at play: Winningtemp adds five dimensions to its employee engagement platform

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The new dimensions complement Winningtemp’s scientific methodology to help business and HR leaders put employee engagement at the heart of their people strategy.

Today, Winningtemp, the Swedish AI and science-based employee engagement platform, launches five new product categories to enhance its employee surveys, allowing HR and business leaders to get even more specific insights into employee wellbeing – and predict how employee behaviour will impact the business’ objectives. The five new supplemental categories – psychological safety, transparency, person-job fit, cross-department collaboration and subjective wellbeing – allow organisations to gather feedback and employee insight on the factors that are shaping people’s workplace needs in 2023.

Based on more than 600 international scientific studies, Winningtemp’s employee engagement platform helps HR and business leaders build an engaged, happy workplace. The AI-powered platform enables HR and business leaders to visualise employee sentiment and take immediate action to maximise wellbeing and minimise turnover. Having experienced a 300% increase in platform usage during the first three weeks of lockdown and consistent growth thereafter, Winningtemp has become a mainstay for progressive organisations looking to improve employee morale, engagement and increase retention rates amidst an always evolving work culture and a challenging economic environment.

The new categories on the Winningtemp platform predict the key areas businesses will need to focus on in 2023:

  • Psychological Safety: individuals’ perceptions of how others react when exposing themselves / making themselves vulnerable by, asking a question, seeking feedback, reporting mistakes or proposing a new idea. Psychological safety allows employees “to feel safe at work in order to grow, learn, contribute, and perform effectively in a rapidly changing world.
  • Transparency: employees’ perception of their organisation’s inner workings. Openness and accountability are two key features of organisations with a high employee retention rate.
  • Person job fit: the degree to which a person’s knowledge, skills, abilities, needs and values match job requirements. By matching the right individual characteristics with the right job, companies can achieve better synergy and avoid pitfalls such as high turnover and low job satisfaction. Employees are more likely to stay committed to organisations if the fit is good.
  • Cross-department collaboration: interacting with people and resources outside one’s normal area of activity to gain access to new information, new ideas and new perspectives, or carry out collaborations and joint projects. While cross-department collaboration allows teams to continue to expand their knowledge, the measure also allows leaders to identify strong commitments from each member of the team to the group and find the right cultural balance.
  • Subjective wellbeing: the cognitive evaluation and emotional balance that people make of their lives. It is an individual’s emotional assessment of their life – often referred to as happiness, peace, fulfilment, and life satisfaction.

These new categories, developed in partnership with the University of Gothenburg, enable Winningtemp to predict behaviours through a science-based methodology. The new categories can be used together with the standard categories to get a more complete picture of employee experience and complement Winningtemp’s existing question batteries. This allows organisations to be agile in a working environment that keeps evolving.

“The past few years have shown companies how resilient and adaptable their loyal employees are,” comments Pierre Lindmark, CEO & co-founder of Winningtemp.

“As the working world keeps changing, it’s important that organisations continue to adapt and respond to their employees’ needs. We strongly believe that a combination of empathy and science are critical to maintaining open communications with employees. To do so, organisations need to have access to the right tools and information. This is why we have worked with Leif Denti, PhD (Innovation Leadership and Management) at the University of Gothenburg, to develop an additional list of categories designed to help HR leaders and managers gather feedback from employees and ensure that they can offer the most supportive workplace environment to drive high performing teams.”

Having become a category-leader in its native Sweden, Winningtemp is relied upon by 600 companies globally. Winningtemp now has over 100,000 daily users in over 20 countries.

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