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Globalization Partners’ CEO reveals bestseller book about building a successful global team

Visionary Founder says ”Global Teams are the Future of Work and Geography No Longer Equals Destiny”

Globalization Partners (@GlobalPeo), which simplifies global remote team building by making it fast and easy for companies to hire anyone, anywhere, within minutes, via its global employment platform, today announced that its visionary CEO and Founder Nicole Sahin’s newly released first book, Global Talent Unleashed: An Executive’s Guide to Conquering the World, has made the WSJ Bestseller Book List. Currently available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the book will also be available in paperback from ACompass Printing Press in early February. 

Global Talent Unleashed: An Executive’s Guide to Conquering the World explores how executives everywhere have awoken to the idea of hiring the best talent in the world no matter where they live, and the massive opportunity presented that comes from building global remote teams. The book provides a blueprint to avoid missteps, explains to readers what to expect, and follows a proven path to take a company from local to global practically overnight.

Sahin’s company empowers its customers to hire anyone, anywhere, within minutes, all without setting-up subsidiaries or dealing with the hassle of navigating complicated HR and legal compliance matters. In addition to opening up the global talent pool worldwide, Globalization Partners enables the democratisation of opportunity, because now, talented individuals everywhere can have access to great jobs. This in turn elevates local economies around the world and is transformational on a societal level. 

“Companies have discovered remote working works. As a result, the talent pool has expanded exponentially, erasing borders, and opening up untapped markets,” said Sahin, who created the Employer of Record (EOR) industry in 2012. “In Global Talent Unleashed, I outline for executives everywhere how to achieve rapid growth and chronicle the proven path for success including approaches to managing global teams and leading people—all over the world.”

In her book, Sahin shares success stories about companies that have built global remote teams. She illustrates how Globalization Partners ensures legal, tax, and payroll compliance as well as how to navigate cultural nuances and communications. Sahin and her “Dream Team” show, through these examples, how easy they have made it for companies to hire the best talent in the world—no matter where they live. 

Sahin’s Global Talent Unleashed also addresses:

  • Why, when, and how to establish operations in another country—and which countries to target
  • How to choose a landing spot and build talent hubs
  • What team engagement tactics will support and lead your people in different time zones, countries, and cultures
  • The regional know-how that will equip you to understand cultural differences to build better teams both remotely and globally
  • How providing access to good jobs in different corners of the world is the best way to address many of the world’s problems—from climate change to human migration 

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