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Three months on from Freedom Day, 70% of UK professionals feel safe at work but over a third say that returning has affected their mental health

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Today marks the 3-month anniversary of Freedom Day and when the Government lifted the last remaining restrictions brought in to help control the spread of coronavirus in England. CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board, surveyed more than 3,000 UK professionals to find out how their working lives have changed over this period. 

70% of workers feel safe in the workplace with no legal restrictions in place but, 36.1% report that going into the office, since restrictions have been lifted, has affected their mental health. 

Overall, 80.7% state that the precautions their employer was taking to prevent infections spreading amongst the workforce have reduced over the last three months. However, 19.3% say they’ve actually increased as more people have returned to the workplace. 

The top changes employees have noticed in the workplace are*: 

  1. 50.8% – More people in work
  2. 34.9% – There’s a more relaxed atmosphere 
  3. 30.4% – People are less cautious around each 
  4. 18.3 % – Sickness levels have increased  

*based on top 3 answers  

In terms of feeling vulnerable to catch COVID-19, people feel more likely to catch COVID-19 in the following ways: 

  1. 30% – When socialising 
  2. 27.9% – When shopping 
  3. 27.1% – When at work 
  4. 12% – Being around school age children  

Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of CV-Library comments, 

“In many ways, Freedom Day feels a lot longer than three months ago. The Ukraine war and the spiralling cost of living have taken precedent for many. However, there has been a big period of adjustment for UK workers and it’s reassuring to know that the majority now feel safe in their place of work.” 

Biggins continues, “Whilst the Prime Minister feels that working from home ‘doesn’t work,’ these results prove that the benefits are significant for many, particularly when it comes to positive mental health. In all of CV-Library’s recent survey results the message is consistent and clear, and UK professionals appear in no hurry to return to pre-pandemic working patterns.”  

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