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Wellbees, the employee wellbeing web platform/mobile app has expanded into the UK with its digital solution for corporate wellbeing.  Supporting seven languages, Wellbees, which positions itself as the one-stop-shop for improving employee wellness, believes attitudes in post pandemic UK make it the perfect time to launch.

Recruitment and retention are key drivers for 2022 and employee wellbeing programmes have provided a competitive advantage to organisations to attract new talent. 70% of employees participating in Wellbees’ survey* reported that one of the offerings they would look for in an organisation was an employee wellbeing programme in place. The employee net promoter score showed that 89.5% of employees who scored their company 9 or 10 (out of 10), regarded corporate wellbeing programmes as ‘valuable’ or ‘highly valuable’.

Wellbees’ HR tech solution is a one-stop-shop experience for HR professionals and employees alike. It covers all areas of wellbeing and caters to the individual needs of different demographics by offering an extensive portfolio of services through several functions. Wellbeing at Wellbees is holistic: mental, physical, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational, intellectual and financial rather than focusing on only one.  The app uses a multi-layered approach to behaviour change: it improves employees’ wellbeing through expert support, seminars, challenges, content and activities customised specifically for each company.  Wellbees has been shown to improve employees’ healthy habits up to 82%, makes employees feel more valued and increases their commitment up to 89%**.  Wellbees looks at the entire cycle of employee experience, mapping the employee journey specific to each company and then implementing wellbeing practices that solve and contribute to a company’s specific lifecycle and workforce.

Launched in 2020, Wellbees already has around 40 clients on its platform including international companies such as DHL, Vodafone, Unilever, Sanofi, Pfizer and Allianz Partners.  Wellbees records over 100 data labels and can integrate with data from Apple Health, Huawei Health, Google Fit and the Apple Watch, uses AI to check sentiment and derives data from comments and likes.  This sophisticated AI provides HR and management actionable insights on their team’s wellness while, at the same time, enabling their employees to:

  • Track their physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Gain direct access to industry experts (such as nutritionists, trainers and psychologists)
  • See personalised content tailored to their needs
  • Challenge their colleagues
  • And even earn rewards while doing so

“Employee wellbeing is well on its way to becoming a C-Suite priority in the UKsays Melis Abacıoğlu founder of Wellbees “yet according to the industry expert Josh Bersin there are 94 different competencies HR professionals are trying to catch up with. Albeit the fact that wellbeing is top of the agenda, HR professionals need a whole team on their own to tackle this issue effectively with scientific consultants to measure the impact, with experts helping employees stay on track, with content and so on.”

This is where HRTech and Wellbees, in particular, comes in.  Wellbees helps HR roll out a diverse and inclusive wellbeing programme that not only caters to people who would like to consult with an expert or choose mental health as their starting point.  Wellbees speaks to every individual within the organisation without adding to the HR team’s workload. Wellbeing Analytics solve the problem of ROI by measuring success and overcoming the  lack of data, providing real, actionable insights to HR professionals to take their wellbeing thinking to the next level.

Wellbees uses the power of digital as a leverage to increase employees’ productivity, engagement, and happiness through an improved sense of wellbeing. The key is to offer tailored-made, unique wellbeing experiences as every employee’s journey within the company and in their own lives is unique. continues Abacıoğlu

UK ready to invest more in wellbeing in 2022

To coincide with its launch, Wellbees collaborated with Mervyn Dinnen and Matt Alder of Two Heads Consulting to survey and interview HR & wellbeing practitioners whose organisations implemented an employee wellbeing programme in 2021. 

The 2022 HR Wellbeing Trends and HR Report’s provide insight into people’s happiness and engagement at work and key findings include:

  • Improving Mental Wellbeing (93%) and Emotional Wellbeing (87%) has had the most positive impact while improving employee wellbeing has been very influential in maintaining productivity during the last two years
  • The six most impactful wellbeing initiatives that make employees feel supported: daily contact and check-ins from managers; effective and inclusive communication; mental health training for managers; encouraging physical exercise; encouraging regular spiritual and emotional practices like yoga, mindfulness and meditation; maintaining connectivity between team members to foster social health
  • All organisations agreed that they are looking to increase their investment in wellbeing spending across 2022 and 2023
  • Mental Wellbeing remains a top priority (63%) alongside Intellectual Wellbeing (63%)
  • Physical Wellbeing (58%), Emotional Wellbeing (57%) and Social & Financial Wellbeing (both 50%) are also going to see increases in investment

To assist with their UK expansion, Wellbees has appointed Lauren Ashcroft who has extensive experience working across Business Development in both SaaS companies and within the coaching industry.  Ashcroft is the founder of UltimateYou a company focused on providing products to help professionals to reach their biggest goals.    Commenting on her appointment, Ashcroft says “Having previously worked for an entrepreneurial company early in my career, I relish the opportunity to help Wellbees establish itself in the UK.  We both share the same passion for wellbeing and I know the UK will be receptive to the Wellbees platform.”

To receive your copy of The 2022 HR Wellbeing Trends and HR report, please download the report here.

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