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Jisc and Metaverse Learning partnership boosts access to AR and VR learning resources

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Jisc, the UK digital, data and technology agency for colleges and universities, has partnered with immersive learning expert, Metaverse Learning, to improve access to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) teaching and assessments within the tertiary education sector.  

The partnership will provide cost savings to Jisc members using Metaverse Learning’s library of products, and those who wish to create their own bespoke training experiences.  

Metaverse Learning collaborates with consortiums of further education (FE) and training providers, and corporate employers to create custom, online training resources.  

Resources are already available for a wide range of industries, from construction and renewables to nursing and health and social care. New consortiums are being formed to launch a host of innovative new programmes, each developed in line with the needs of industry partners.  

Paul McKean, director of FE, skills and training at Jisc, said: 

“Jisc is delighted to be working with Metaverse Learning to explore how AR and VR can improve the teaching and assessment experience for vocational learners.  

“Metaverse Learning resources allow tutors to retrospectively take learners through individual scenarios, and to observe students in the live AR/VR environment. This provides opportunities for constructive, continuous, and timely feedback as part of course assessment, and allows educators to quickly identify and act when problems arise.  

“AR and VR can be especially powerful when used as part of vocational courses, allowing students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a secure, risk-free environment. 

“We look forward to co-producing advice and guidance for the sector on sound pedagogical approaches to using AR/VR.” 

Stevie Cooke, head of technology enhanced learning at Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC), said: 

“Metaverse Learning has helped CAVC excel in our blended learning approach. Working with partnership colleges to design resources has allowed us to produce useful AR/VR products that give meaningful learning opportunities to our students.  

“By linking these resources to our existing digital infrastructure, we have seen improved outcomes and increased engagement from learners in shorter timescales. It has also helped learners choose appropriate career pathways at an earlier stage.  

“We welcome this improved accessibility to AR and VR, which is instrumental to the development of our learners.” 

Jason Holt, CEO at Metaverse Learning, said:  

“At Metaverse Learning, we believe that no learner should be left behind. This is what drives our immersive online approach to learning: to simulate the real world so that, no matter where you are, you can learn the skills you need to progress in life.  

“We are delighted to be partnering with Jisc with these aligned values and goals and look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise to support the digital transformation of the sector.”

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