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VLE Support and CENTURY Tech “join forces”

VLE Support and CENTURY Tech are delighted to announce their new partnership. CENTURY will now be accessible on VLE Support’s new eSuite platform alongside their other products. This partnership comes from a shared desire between the two companies to improve user experience and deliver new free solutions in the FE market.

CENTURY’s platform and award-winning content is used by over 60 per cent of FE colleges in England. CENTURY’s data insights, personalised learning pathway and dashboard help support and encourage learner autonomy. Smart IA™, CENTURY Tech’s new initial assessment tool, is the latest innovative development the company has made in the FE sector.

VLE Support has been one of the leading providers of software products in the FE sector since 2006, with a focus on enhancing the educational experience of students, staff and parents. The electronic Individual Learning Plan (ILP) package, eTrackrILP, is used by colleges across the country including Newcastle College Group, Blackpool and the Fylde College, and London South East Colleges. eSpirALS is the leading tracking product for Additional Learning Support (ALS) dedicated to planning, tracking and monitoring all types of support for disability, learning difficulties, mental health and any other support needed. eNotify is an effective absence management product, and eSignUp is a comprehensive new tool to manage the recruitment and onboarding of apprenticeship candidates.

The launch of VLE Support’s new platform eSuite brings together and connects all of these products (eTrackrILP, eSpirALS, eNotify and eSignUp) and CENTURY through a single point of sign on, allowing customers to move seamlessly between them. eSuite automatically pulls in and will triangulate the data from all the products connected to it, allowing the potential for incredible data analysis. eSuite data can be directly connected to any reporting system or dashboard, using eSuite’s web API to give a comprehensive picture of a college’s performance and enabling leaders to make informed business decisions.  

In addition, customers will be able to access eTimetable, VLE Support’s free timetable product which allows users to easily see timetables for learners, staff, courses, groups and rooms. These can also be linked to calendars to ensure that everyone always knows where they should be even in the event of unexpected last minute room changes.

VLE Support’s CEO & Managing Director Mark Trinick said: “We are delighted to join forces with CENTURY. Their tool is a valuable addition to our eSuite family which will further improve the breadth of data available to staff in one place. We are working towards improving workflows and supporting staff by reducing their workload as the data to effectively support and track learners is made more easily accessible.”

CENTURY Tech’s Chief Education Officer Tom Thacker said: “We are delighted to join forces with VLE Support. They are one of the leading software providers for the FE sector, and we are very excited that learners and providers across the country will be able to easily access our award-winning content and personalised learning pathway seamlessly through their fantastic eSuite platform.”

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