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Apprenticeship review data has determined which employers offer the best apprenticeships in the UK

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  • The highly anticipated Best 100 Apprenticeship Employers and Best 50 Training Providers tables from RateMyApprenticeship have been announced
  • Savills landed first place in the Best 100, followed by Inspire ATA Ltd and Pearson PLC
  • Paragon Skills, Realise and Lifetime Training Group Limited landed the top three positions in the best training providers
  • The leading apprenticeship review site analyses first-hand reviews by students who have completed an apprenticeship in the last year

Leading apprenticeship job and review website, RateMyApprenticeship, has released its latest Best 100 Apprenticeship Employers and Best 50 Training Providers tables.

The tables are based on an analysis of first-hand reviews by students who have completed an apprenticeship scheme in the last year.

Here are the companies which have been named top ten on the Best 100 and Best 50 lists.

Best Apprenticeship Employers

  1. Savills
  2. Inspire ATA Ltd
  3. Pearson PLC
  4. Whitbread
  5. WTW
  6. Mitchells & Butlers
  7. Boeing
  8. British Airways
  9. Balfour Beatty
  10. Softcat

Best Training Providers

  1. Paragon Skills
  2. Realise
  3. Lifetime Training Group Limited
  4. Kaplan Financial Limited
  5. First Intuition Limited
  6. Juniper training Limited
  7. Babington Business College Limited
  8. LMP Education
  9. QA Limited
  10. Multiverse

FULL LIST: Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers.

FULL LIST: Best 50 Training Providers.

Apprenticeship and early careers expert, and co-founder of RateMyApprenticeship, Oliver Sidwell, shares his thoughts on the rising interest in apprenticeships, “University is no longer the only route to success, apprenticeships are a great way to get the best of both worlds of on-the-job training and continuous development. Industries are adapting to this and expanding their apprenticeship offering and it’s the perfect time for young people or career-changers to really look into apprenticeship positions and make more informed decisions on their next steps. There are plenty of other reasons why apprenticeships are becoming more popular than ever.”

  1. Earn while you learn 

In addition to acquiring industry-specific qualifications such as NVQs, HNCs, or a Bachelor’s degree, apprentices do receive a salary. The National Minimum Wage for an apprentice is £4.81 per hour, but many employers pay significantly more. 

Due to valuable experience and an early start in their careers, many higher-level apprentices have the potential to earn over £50,000 more than most graduates in their career, according to a recent study by the Sutton Trust.

  1. Invaluable firsthand experience

If you’re someone who enjoys learning through practical experience and wants to dive into the world of work, then an apprenticeship is likely the ideal choice for you.

Rather than dedicating your time to classroom studies, an apprenticeship allows you to collaborate with industry experts on real world projects. This invaluable firsthand experience will not only equip you with essential knowledge and skills but also foster self-assurance, enabling you to thrive within a professional setting.

  1. Watch your career sky rocket 

Employers will undoubtedly be impressed when they learn about your extensive professional qualifications and relevant work experience. This is especially true for apprentices who gain a wealth of technical knowledge and soft skills that are essential to excelling in the workforce.

Statistics show that a huge 85% of apprentices stay in employment, and 64% of these continue working with the same employer and many of these advance to higher level positions. 

If you’re looking for an apprenticeship in the future, check out the best employers lists and read the first-hand reviews from previous and existing students.

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