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Invact Metaversity, the world’s first metaverse university, launches its inaugural course

Invact Metaversity, world’s first 3D immersive virtual learning platform,  announced the launch of its 10-week Finance Equity Researchprogram for aspiring finance professionals, starting 15th August. 

The startup is on a mission to revolutionize education and employability through a metaverse university. Invact Metaversity’s unique approach is based on its thesis that engineering social serendipity of a classroom coupled with application-focused knowledge results in stronger long-term learning outcomes. The platform’s inaugural finance course will be delivered to students in an immersive metaverse environment to enable peer-to-peer learning and personalized feedback mechanisms along with a structured course to build job-ready skillsets. In addition, students will also be able showcase their employable skills by building and publishing their own proof-of-work portfolio.

Delivering curriculum focussed on new-age employable skills, Invact Metaversity’s goal is to make education actionable, affordable and accessible to millions of students in India and around the world. In the long term, the startup envisions multiple educational worlds built on its platform, with creator and teacher-led universities focussed on different knowledge streams.

Invact Metaversity has designed its first course focused on Equity Research to meet the needs of students, MBAs, finance professionals, aspiring business leaders, and finance enthusiasts. A team of world-class subject matter experts have been assembled to design and deliver the course. The part-time course will run over 2-3 months requiring 10 hours of coursework, group discussions and feedback per week – allowing working professionals to pursue the course for upskilling, alongside their existing jobs. In addition to the core course, the program will also coach students on their business communication skills and prepare them for job interviews.

Announcing the launch, Tanay Pratap, Founder and CEO, Invact Metaversity said,

We believe metaverse and education make symbiotic sense to deliver high quality, affordable and enduring learning outcomes at scale. Today, not only are there lacs of job openings in the private sector, we also see more work being outsourced to India. However, employers still struggle to find qualified candidates. Invact is the bridge that allows these industries to find a skilled workforce. We believe that India will become the knowledge hub of the 21st century, and to realize that dream, we must prepare thousands of students with proper mentorship for job placements. Moreover, since it is difficult to scale physical infrastructure quickly, virtual colleges in the metaverse are the answer. With Invact’s metaverse platform, the virtual university is taking every measure to support job-ready education programs for students from all walks of life.”

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