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Nexford University launches “Global Grid” initiative to connect learners to promising careers through mentorship

Fadl Al Tarzi, Founder & CEO of Nexford University

Initiative to connect learners from across the world   to select global thought leaders, and coincides with Nexford’s 3rd anniversary 

Nexford University, the Washington D.C.-based next-generation university platform, announces the launch of its global mentorship program – the “Global Grid” – to develop talent and promote the personal, professional, and social success of learners worldwide.

The Global Grid is a global mentorship program launched by Nexford University to enable talent across the world to prepare for remote jobs. The program aims to increase awareness around the millions of jobs that are moving online, and the skills learners need to have to qualify for these jobs.

The Global Grid program stems from Nexford’s belief that when equipped with the right education talent should be able to access jobs regardless of location, gender, race or social status. The program will deep dive into the specific skills employers are looking for and how talent across the world can join this virtual, global grid.

Nexford has carefully chosen well-known thought leaders in their fields to provide guidance and share business skills via a structured online mentorship program. The initiative is initially focused on a select number of Nexford markets, starting with the United States, South Africa, Nigeria, and the Philippines.

The initiative will add value to Nexford’s current and future community, and enhance each learner’s experience, through webinars open to the public and personal mentoring of select learners who successfully apply to participate.

The program coincides with Nexford’s third anniversary. Co-founded in 2019 by CEO Fadl Al Tarzi, the online university has grown into a global platform connecting learners, regardless of age, gender or social class, with global employers. 

Nexford is committed to solving the world’s biggest employer challenge – skills – and bridging the gap between learners and employers. 

Fadl Al Tarzi, CEO of Nexford University, commented:

Since day one we’ve had the vision that the world is evolving into a virtual grid, where qualified talent should have access to career opportunities regardless of their physical location. COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation by at least 5-10 years, today’s adoption of online education and remote working are making the virtual grid a reality. If you have connectivity and the right education, you will have access to job opportunities regardless of your location.

87% of global employers admit to facing skills gaps and over the coming decade the majority of employers will have remote teams. These shifts are going to transform career prospects of learners across the world. Mentorship through the ‘Global Grid’ initiative is going to help Nexford University learners get on this global grid and prepare them for future careers.”

Jennifer Bangoura, Director of Career Innovation at Nexford University, commented:

“We have been meticulous in selecting suitable mentors and inspiring thought leaders to drive the program and share their leadership experience and knowledge. It is a perfect complement to our existing offering, and we are delighted to announce it as we celebrate our third anniversary.”

The Global Grid initiative complements Nexford’s continued global expansion, and its provision of US degree programs to global learners for social and economic mobility. The concept of breaking down these socio-economic barriers and contributing to building a more robust global economy has been part of the Nexford thesis from the beginning. By offering affordable, high-quality skills-driven learning programs, Nexford is helping learners across the world take advantage of trillions of dollars of untapped wealth and employment opportunities.

The newly launched initiative comprises a diverse pool of thought leaders and industry experts from the healthcare, finance, education, human resources, and insurance sectors. 

In Nigeria, mentors include:

·Dr. Ola Brown, founder of Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company – Africa’s leading healthcare and wellness sector investment firm – with previous leadership roles at the British National Health Service; and

·Gbenga Totoyi, Partner at Alan&Grant – the Lagos-based consultancy firm creating innovative HR & Enterprise solutions – and Group Head of Human Resources of Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc – a Nigerian Stock Exchange listed insurance company.  

In the Philippines, mentors include:

·Cybill Getgood, serial entrepreneur and Vice President of Operations and Partner at Staffing Venture Capital – a staffing and recruiting firm providing high-volume staffing solutions for Hospital, Health & Tech industries in the US; and

·Raymond Victorino, HR Professional with previous leadership roles with Accenture, Samsung Electronics and Jollibee, and well-known speaker and leader in human resources management and employee experience.

In the United States, mentors include:

·Angela Maiers, entrepreneur and change leader in education and enterprise for over three decades;  Founder of Choose2Matter, a universal movement that challenges all people to make “mattering” a way of life; and

·Dr. Craig Zelizer, founder and CEO of – a world leading platform connecting changemakers in diverse sectors to opportunities around the world.

The first webinar of the global program taking place on 18th February will be offered by Filippino mentor Raymond Victorino on “Positioning Yourself for the Next Job Promotion”, during which Raymond will offer insightful tips from an HR insider perspective, which can help learners take the lead in developing their professional caeers.

Nexford will continue to grow its Global Grid initiative and expand its network of mentors throughout 2022. 

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