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Pride in FE – LGBTQ project

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WYLP are proud to be partnering with SkillsfirstAssociation of Colleges and LGBTed on our Pride in FE project which we have received funding from the ETF to provide FE leaders with the opportunity to develop their knowledge & understanding in providing inclusive curriculums and environments for LGBTQ+ staff and learners.

We are the only organisation focusing the EDI funding on the LGBTQ community and are proud to be able to champion this crucial agenda to bring greater equality for LGBTQ+ learners and staff across FE.

“From discussions with practitioners LGBTQ+ is an area which they can feel less confident to address and as such this tends not to be embedded through curriculums & is far more addressed if an issue presents itself.  This needs to change to bring about greater inclusion and environments which LGBTQ+ staff and learners can present as their true authentic selves and feel confident to address any issues which arise. For many practitioners or leaders it’s the fear of ‘getting it wrong’ when actually doing something, learning & listening is much better than doing nothing. Through the project we want to open up honest conversations and have open platforms so that together we can address challenges as a network and build the confidence and knowledge to be able to address this crucial agenda and ensure that LGBTQ+ inclusion carries on throughout the full learners journey.” – Kelly Townend Operations & Quality Manage, WYLP

“Skillsfirst is extremely proud to be a lead partner in this project.  Without inclusive education, so many LGBTQ+ learners feel, isolated, or even unwanted in education. This project opens up a positive discussion around identities and hopefully will provide the tools and support needed to create a more welcoming, safe and supportive environment for all LGBTQ+ learners and education staff” – Mark Child Head of Assessment and LGBTQ+ Lead

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