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This Glasgow-based online institute is aiming to turn school kids into future authors

This Glasgow-based online institute is aiming to turn school kids into future authors

Kids can become published authors thanks to a new creative writing programme by the British Youth International College

Following the success of its previous courses spanning mathematics, English language and cyber security, the British Youth International College (BYITC) has launched a programme introducing children to the art of creative writing.

Whether they have ambitions of writing the next Harry Potter, or simply want an outlet to express their creativity, BYITC Founder and Managing Director Dr Rashmi Mantri, believes the course will set young people on the right path.

She said: “We want to equip our students with better writing skills. The idea is to enhance their imagination and focus their thoughts – using different forms of language and scenarios to help them develop the art of writing.”

The BYITC offers two online creative writing courses, both led by expert mentors through virtual interactive lessons. The initial three-month module introduces the key principles of creative writing, while the longer six-month course expands upon these fundamental skills and also allows students to publish their own writing online.

Dr Mantri explained: “In the first course, we will teach creative writing for beginners, for example, by explaining what creative writing is, what genres are covered by this term, and how to use voices in writing.

“In the 6-month module, we will explore creative writing theory on a deeper level and encourage them to write a poem or a story, for example, that we can publish online.

“It’s a stepping stone for children interested in writing. After completing this course, they can really become authors, with a piece of writing published in their own name.”

The course teaches children how to develop their writing ability, improve vocabulary, and identify and engage an audience – all while boosting their confidence in a fun and constructive environment.

Weekly group sessions are guided by tutors through a mix of theory and practical lessons, with up to five students participating in a group. While the BYITC’s previous English languages courses were taught on a one-to-one basis, these creative writing modules encourage children to not only explore their own ideas, but also get inspired by one another.

Dr Mantri added: “Group work opens up children’s minds. This is not just a writing course. We are trying to challenge children to think more creatively – and that happens when they collaborate as part of a team.

“The group learning element allows kids to work together, learn from each other, and have interactive and energetic classes.”

The BYITC has already proven itself to be a leader in youth education – particularly as an innovator in the sphere of online education and digital resources.

Founded in 2015, the school originally provided in-person tuition in Glasgow and Edinburgh. It has since grown to welcome thousands of students from across the world through online classes.

It was well positioned to offer classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. More and more parents discovered and relied on BYITC as a trusted academic platform when schools were closed and learning moved online.

Having established a reputation for delivering accessible and high-quality online education, the school is well prepared for the launch of this virtual creative writing programme.

Dr Mantri concluded: “We come from humble beginnings – we really started as a small initiative. But today, we are working with students and teachers from around the world. From this, we are interested to share our expertise with other people who wish to bring a positive change in young people lives and we now have franchise packages available to open BYITC Learning Center in different locations.”

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