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In a socially heavy world, students understand how important it is to use the platform for their own growth. 

In the run-up to 25 years as headline sponsor of the BRIT awards, Mastercard has conducted new research into how social media is shaping the way people learn, listen to music and use the platforms to their own benefit in order to further their careers and learning. 

When speaking to BRIT School students who are currently studying a range of topics from dance, music and performing arts, half of them (47%) admitted that second to attending the BRIT School in order to further their career, they had posted work on social media. Showcasing just how important they see the platform in their future success. This came second to networking events (22%) and even performing live (13%). 

With the number of social media accounts growing into the billions, it only seems right that the variety of platforms that are on offer are now being used for more than cat videos and makeup tutorials. Learning on social media about how to harness it to further improve your skills or career chances was the top choice by Brits, with nearly a third (29%) admitting it’s their top route for self-education. Of e-learning (25%) and attending workshops (19%). 

With social media playing such an important role in every life for young people, it’s no surprise they equate a strong following and viral video to success. 40% of them surveyed agreed that going viral on social media can have a serious impact on your career and propel you forward. And so, if success and social media go hand in hand, why are there not more resources to learn how to use it to your own benefit? Just under half (47%) of Brits believe that more should be done to have social media training added to the curriculum. 

Agnes Woolrich, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, UK&I Says:

“We are proud to be entering our 25th year of partnership with the BRIT awards and Brit School of Performing Arts. Its ability to discover and mould the future of British creative culture is unparalleled.  At Mastercard, our commitment to helping people get closer to their passions is reflected perfectly in the creativity of Brit School students, who are shaping what we listen to, watch and interact with for years to come.”

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