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Top 5 valued business skills this year

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There are five essential skills that employers are looking for following the coronavirus pandemic.

These most valued business skills for 2022 have been identified by the programme directors of GBSB Global Business School’s Master in Digital Business, a one-year degree preparing students for a career in any business sector going ahead with digitalisation, using insights from leading research and articles.

With a ‘new normal’ following the global coronavirus pandemic, businesses are reconfiguring their plans, and thus what skillset they are looking for.

The first most valued skill is digital literacy, whereby an individual has the capacity to find, assess and communicate information via a variety of digital platforms. The second is lone working and the ability to work effectively without direct supervision. The third is adaptability and being able to adjust to ever-changing environments. The fourth is positive thinking and empathy. The fifth is self-regulation and the ability to control emotional responses and behaviours. 

Staffing positions with an urgent demand for novel skills has become even more competitive, as technology continues to rapidly advance in line with the new reality, where the need for digital business acumen and independent learning becomes more viable daily. Keeping digitalization, innovation and disruption at the core of all our academic offerings, GBSB Global aims to give rise to diversely-skilled, future-proof, influential business leaders, equipped with the latest tech tools, knowledge, and hands-on experience within the context of global business today. Connecting with faculty, peers and industry experts from all over the world, students get to expand their international perspectives, network and professional opportunities, ready to accelerate their careers beyond borders,” says Olga Ivanova, Head of Innovation and Development at GBSB Global.

As a Microsoft Showcase School, GBSB Global is committed to transforming business education, graduating industry leaders ready to work in the digital space, equipped with the knowledge to operate novel systems and lead teams.

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