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How can improved UC technologies can improve parent-school relations

38% of parents agree school communications need to be managed

As industries continue to digitise, so do education facilities, with the aim to transform their internal and external operations. With an emphasis being placed on digitising operations, schools and colleges have turned to new technologies inside the classroom, but are external communications technologies being neglected, resulting in schools using outdated systems?

A digital transformation of school technologies is in full swing, but despite this, many parents have found that the communication between themselves and schools has become frustrating and disjointed, often leaving them in the dark about their child’s well-being, according to the latest research from Sangoma.

Sangoma’s research highlights the need for better communication between parents and schools, with nearly a third of parents saying they felt out of the loop when it came to their child’s well-being. In fact, 38% of parents agreed that communications from their children’s schools need to be better managed, with almost half of parents saying they often are unable to contact the person they wish to speak to.

Schools have a duty of care to their students, and must remain in constant contact with parents regarding well-being and welfare. With communications being deemed as frustrating and disjointed by many parents, it is time for schools to re-evaluate their communication strategies and make plans to replace their outdated tech with newer Unified Communication (UC) technologies.

Frustrating communication management

The period of long call times, unanswered calls, and complicated call re-routing that emerged as a result of the pandemic has died out. People now expect seamless call experiences, with parents expecting high levels of efficient communication between them and the school that their child or children attend.

Despite rising expectations from parents, Sangoma’s research found that 56% of parents often suffered long wait times for calls to be answered. A further 46% of parents stated that their calls were often not returned, despite them leaving a message. The fragmented call experiences found in Sangoma’s recent research indicate that there is a significant lack of communication between parents and schools, with evidence that poor communications from schools are at fault.

Outdated systems hindering visibility for parents

Seamless communications between schools and parents are vital to improving parent-school relations. With a continued emphasis on keeping the lines of communication open during the school day, parents now expect to be constantly updated on their child’s welfare and mental wellbeing throughout the day, however, outdated communications systems are hindering this contact.

Outdated UC systems within schools are resulting in unsatisfied parents. In order to continue the digitisation schools have begun in classrooms, IT teams must place increased importance on improving their UC technologies.

New UC technologies can provide schools with much improved external and internal communications, between classrooms, offices, and parents. With the increased visibility of call activity via one unified platform, call times and call activity can be managed effectively. This will allow IT managers and admin staff to reduce call queue times and redirect calls to the correct person. An enhanced UC system within schools provides parents with better insight into their child’s well-being during school hours.

But, when digesting operations, education IT managers must ensure a seamless switch over from outdated legacy systems to new UC technologies in order to prevent further frustration for parents.

Unifying communications between schools and parents

Sangoma’s recent research has found that many parents are feeling increasingly annoyed and confused as a result of poor communication between themselves and schools. As a result, it is important for educational facilities to take note of these findings in order to digitise their communication systems and replace their outdated UC tech.

Bettering communication between schools and parents can prevent negative experiences and satisfaction rates from Ofsted Parent View surveys, which can often impact Ofsted ratings when inspectors consider parent viewing when making overall judgments of a school.

It is time for schools to replace their outdated voice-only legacy communications in favour of upgraded UC systems with enhanced call centre functionality. New UC offerings allow schools to save time and money while also improving the lines of communication between parents and teachers, proving them with regular feedback on their child’s progress and updates on well-being.

By Simon Horton, VP International Sales at Sangoma

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