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The importance of making a lasting impact with connected learning

Samsung head of display Graeme Little explains the potentials of connected learning and how it can help redefine the education system to make it more engaging, joyful and impactful.

Connected learning is transforming the way we teach and learn. New technologies have created opportunities to make it more accessible and engaging, with the aim of not leaving any student behind. 

The Importance of Technology in Education

In today’s fast-paced world, being online is an integral part of our lives, and technology allows students to learn both in and out of the classroom. It is crucial to keep students, teachers and schools protected without disrupting the learning experience.

Gone are the days when students would spend hours studying a textbook hoping to memorise the chapters in time for an exam. Today, Display and AV is an integral technology for digital transformation, and we must embrace the wider opportunity it creates.

As we ride the wave of the digital era, it is becoming easier to stay connected with a global reach. A world of information is at your fingertips, with the click of a button or a simple voice command, and, as technology continues to evolve, students need their learning experience to grow in tandem with technology.

What is connected learning?

Connected learning means that anyone can associate education with their personal interests and have relationships with people who enjoy the same things. Young adults need plenty of variety in their lives, as well as people to listen to them, so if you are someone who has struggled to engage when studying, connected learning is a great alternative way of digesting new information.

By offering a personalised environment that supports and motivates each student to nurture his or her passions, students can make connections between different learning experiences and opportunities and design their own projects and processes in collaboration with others. This will promptly prepare them for the future by teaching them to think and act in a more integrated way.

Beyond existing tech solutions across computing and tablet display, manufacturers should focus on bringing their wider offering to the competition, with more integrated services and connectivity. Whilst it is largely the responsibility of the teacher to help develop skills that give students a competitive advantage, it is our duty to equip teachers with the best tools so they can use the technology more easily, more effectively and more often. 

This is why it is important to have the best-in-class devices at home and in the classroom, so every need is met and lessons are engaging and productive. The generation now entering the workforce is the first true digital generation who will embrace and utilise technology in a different way. We need to harness this and understand how the younger generation’s ideas and expectations for working in technological environments best lends itself to all ages. 

In the face of an increasingly unpredictable world, education can make the difference as to whether people embrace the challenges they are confronted with. With connected learning, the education system has been redefined to be engaging, joyful and impactful.


At Samsung, we are proud to launch our Solve for Tomorrow Competition every year. It is a competition which allows young people in the UK & Ireland to gain crucial skills and receive top-tier advice from leading industry experts. The programme offers students a roadmap for the future, and a creative space to develop exciting new technology for good.

Education in the future will need to demonstrate how technology can be used to students’ advantage, as well as teach future generations how to handle problems that arise from it.

Not only does connected learning have the potential to deeply engage students, facilitate more diverse online learning experiences, and enhance knowledge and understanding, it has tangible benefits that significantly improve the lives for teachers and students as they embark on their educational journey together.

By Graeme Little, Head of Display, Samsung UK

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