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The Pivotal Role of Trust in Employability: Positive Human Connection is the Key to Success 

Scott Parkin

Unlocking employability success hinges on trust, a dynamic force woven through participant-adviser bonds, employer relationships and leadership. Scott Parkin FIEP, Group Chief Executive of IEP discusses how positive human connection shapes positive outcomes.

The Crucial Role of Trust in Employability Services

In employability services around the world, the dynamics of human interaction play a crucial role, far beyond the mere exchange of skills and opportunities. At the core of this interaction lies a fundamental element: trust. Here we explore the indispensable nature of trust in employability, emphasising how the skills of an employability practitioner (adviser, consultant, leader) and the quality of empathy, shape successful employment outcomes. 

Building Trust: The Heart of Employability Practitioners’ Skills

Trust, in its simplest form, is the belief in the reliability, truth, capability, competence or strength of someone or something. In the context of employability, it translates to the confidence shared between a participant and their adviser. This trust is not a given; it is earned and nurtured over time through consistent, empathetic, and effective interactions. 

Empathy as a Cornerstone: Nurturing Successful Employability

The adviser is not just a facilitator of employment opportunities; they are at the heart of building this trust. Their approach, understanding, and skills in managing relationships determine the effectiveness of their role. Those who exhibit genuine empathy, active listening, and a non-judgmental attitude are more likely to gain the trust of their participants. 

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. In employability, it’s a critical skill for advisers. It allows them to comprehend the challenges, fears, and aspirations of their participants, fostering a supportive and encouraging environment. When participants feel understood and that they are in a ‘safe’ environment, they are more open to sharing personal information crucial for identifying barriers to employment and devising effective strategies to overcome them. 

Trust Beyond Participants: Fostering Employer Relationships

Trust is the bedrock upon which successful employer relationships are built. It’s a two-way street; both the participant and the adviser need to feel confident in each other’s abilities and intentions. When trust is established, participants feel safe to be vulnerable, share their challenges, and actively engage in the process of seeking employment. 

A participant’s willingness to be vulnerable is pivotal in employability. Vulnerability allows them to disclose personal information and barriers that might be hindering their employment prospects. This openness is only possible in an environment where trust is prevalent. An adviser skilled in building trust can effectively encourage this level of openness. 

When trust is established, the likelihood of positive employment outcomes increases significantly. Participants are more receptive to advice, more engaged in the process, and more committed to the action plans developed with their advisers. Trust also enables advisers to tailor their support to the specific needs and circumstances of each participant, leading to more effective and sustainable employment solutions. 

The concept of trust extends beyond the participant-adviser relationship to encompass employer solutions. Building trust with employers is equally crucial. Employers seek advisers they can rely on to understand their needs and provide candidates who not only meet the job requirements but also fit their company culture. 

Advisers must demonstrate a deep understanding of the employer’s industry, challenges, and needs. By presenting tailored solutions and suitable candidates, advisers earn the trust of employers, fostering long-term relationships and ongoing collaboration. This form of relationship is critical and moves beyond the simple employer engagement concept of sales to a truly collaborative relationship of advice and support, we call that employer solutions (maybe more on that in an upcoming blog). 

Leadership and Trust: Paramount in Employability Success

In leadership, trust is paramount. Leaders who earn the trust of their team are more effective in motivating, guiding, and inspiring them. This trust is built through empathy, transparency, and consistent actions. 

An empathetic leader understands the challenges and aspirations of their team. This understanding fosters a supportive environment where team members feel valued and heard, leading to increased engagement and productivity. Added to that the leader who provides the space to carry out tasks and duties and has trust in the team to achieve the company mission will be more successful. 

The cycle of trust in employability is continuous and interdependent. Trust between participants and advisers leads to successful employment outcomes, which in turn builds trust with employers. This cycle reinforces the importance of trust at every level of the employability process. 

Trust is the cornerstone of employability services, bridging the gap between human potential and opportunity. Whether it’s in the relationship between participants and their adviser, adviser and employer, or within leadership, trust is the critical element that drives success. Advisers who master the art of building trust, through empathy and effective relationship management, are the catalysts in this transformative process. Ultimately, the power of human connection, fostered through trust, is what turns potential into reality in the world of employability. 

By Scott Parkin FIEP, Group Chief Executive, Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP)

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