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What is the vision for Lifelong learning in Wales? | FE Soundbite #639

Gavin with fizz

Welcome to FE Soundbite Weekly Journal Edition #639

I hope you like the new format of FE Soundbite.

First up… I have some sad, but also exciting news.

Kelly is going to be leaving FE News.

Kelly has been offered a role as a Digital Project Manager at Airbus, to be a part of the team to integrate Ai into Airbus and lead on the SAFe Agile Project Management delivery … it is a super exciting role and one of those things that you just can’t turn down! She has been keen to get back into Engineering for a while, so she will be working with a bunch of boffins, a couple of futurists and pretty much every design department at Airbus.. so we wish her all the best. I know many of you have worked incredibly closely with Kelly for years now and we will all be sad to see her leave us… but what an exciting role for Kelly to be stepping into.

We have said to all of the FE News team … even co-founders, one day, we know you will leave.. just make sure you step into something proper cool when you do, (we have standards to uphold) and I think this role for Kelly ticks that box. We wish her all of the best. Her role has been split across the FE News  team (so me, Aliyah and Finley and Kelly has been able to be ‘over watch’ with a great transition period and the team have stepped up magnificently). So bear with us whilst we are in a period of transition.  

Kelly was lead on the new FE News website delivery, and the Ai on FE News … but this dev project is now closed and we are now bedding in and enhancing. One thing Kelly never said she was bored at FE News… so we wish her all the best at Airbus, they have a star in their midst.

Kelly was a bit of a counter balance to me, I am all fizz, she was structure and processes (Engineering)… so now, we will have some full on all out fizz at FE News – so watch out, things are about to get very creative as Kelly isn’t there to put the cap back on the bottle of fizz, I have a couple of crates of mintos and another couple of crates of Cola… so no worries, it is going to be a blast! 

Anyway, back to FE Soundbite:

Have you checked out this great exclusive article by Jeremy Miles, Minister for Education and Welsh Language on his vision for Lifelong learning… it is well worth grabbing a cuppa and checking it out!

Suki also wrote a really great article, that is well worth a read – which is on how anti racism must be active, not passive. the time of writing Mandy Crawford Lee’s article was the most popular exclusive article of the week so far (but things can still change): A Review of the Apprenticeship Levy and How the Tax System Incentivises Employers to Invest in Training. So that is well worth checking out.

We also have a whole bunch of cool feature articles lined up for you next week.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week!

Gavin, CEO and Founder, FE News and FE Careers

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