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E&M Booth: Is Functional Skills English inclusive of all its audiences?

E&M Booth Podcast

E & M Booth host Hollie chats to Steph Gilford. 

How do we make the adjustment to functional skills and ensure we are supporting all students? Is the curriculum inclusive enough for our students?

Listen to this interesting debate on the podcast:

Hollie Barnes and SJ White bring you the English and maths booth podcast! 

Hosted by Hollie Barnes(@hblx93), English specialist and Sammy White(@WhatTheTrigMath), Maths expert and IT guru, E&M Booth Podcast is by teachers, for teachers within the Further Education sector.

Discussing real, day to day experiences, trials and tribulations and what life is like teaching E&M in the Post 16 sector.

Both English and maths teachers working in FE they share their experiences of the classroom plus chat to others too!

Short conversations with fellow English and maths teachers, this is a bite sized podcast for the busy English and maths FE teacher!

Short but full of hints, tips and relatable experiences!

Everyone is welcome on the podcast as long as they can chat English and or maths in FE!

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