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FE News can provide a bespoke video service to suit your conference, audience and budget.



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Since 2006, FE News has led in conference videography, capturing education events with finesse. Our 2 Person Crew excels in producing features, interviews, and event coverage. Simplify your event videography; we manage schedules, interviews, and advertising slots, ensuring swift HD uploads.

Our Event Videography services extend beyond the event; our legacy approach raises awareness and provides visual reminders. Many use these videos to promote conferences to potential visitors, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors.

FE Video Coverage

Tailored to your conference, audience, and budget, FE News offers a bespoke video service.

2 Person Crew:

  • £2,500 + VAT per day + travel + accommodation
  • 6-8 interviews per day with main speakers (each video is up to a 3-minute summary of their key address).
  • Uploads to FE News, YouTube, dedicated video coverage page on FE News, and tweet coverage.
  • Custom advertisements at the start and end of the video coverage.
  • On-site filming and editing.
  • Opening and closing advertisements produced from client-provided images and text.
  • Advertisement production before the event, subject to travel expenses.
  • For bespoke advertisement videos, pre-event shooting and editing are required: £2,500 + VAT per day, plus travel expenses.

Trust FE News for impactful 2-person crew videography, bringing your conference to life visually and promoting future events effectively.


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