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At FE News, we offer a co-produced 6-part live stream season. We will work alongside you to curate a season tailored to your specific objectives and budgets.

This service includes:

  • Content strategy meeting and plan
  • One Co-host and up to three Guests per episode
  • Tech checks to test kit, access and feeds
  • There will also be 6 episodes in a legacy format on FE News (so it goes beyond just live).
  • Intro and Outro created by our team (optional)
  • Fully branded social assets created by us
  • Three personalised social shares in the run-up to each episode
  • Media player for each episode on a site-wide takeover
  • A legacy article for each episode (written by you)
  • We transform the livestream into an engaging podcast format and distribute it across all our channels for maximum reach and convenience
  • An event listing for each episode
  • Fully optimised Tag page for the season

To put this into perspective, all these separate components of our package amount to:

  • Media player = £500 per episode
  • Design Assist = Starting from £500 per graphic
  • Meetings/Interviews = £1000
  • Podcast production (from scratch) = £4500


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