Unlimited Annual Job Credits

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Unlimited Job Credits on FE Careers or Apprenticeship Job Search for one year 


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Unleash the power of Unlimited Annual Job Credits for the entire year to enhance your recruitment strategy on FE Careers and Apprenticeship Job Search. This unique offer provides a flexible solution, catering to your diverse hiring needs across unlimited positions.

Maximise visibility with an extended 28-day exposure, ensuring engagement with potential candidates.

Choose instant purchase at £5,278 £3,600 + VAT, or select “Invoice me” or convenient invoicing to kickstart your campaign promptly.

Key Features:

  • Recruitment Branding: Showcase your brand with a crafted job advert and client profile.
  • Comprehensive Statistics: Utilise detailed MIS stats for informed decision-making.

Elevate your brand with FE Careers Job Credits or Apprenticeship Job Search. Empower your recruitment advertising across various roles.

*Fair usage policy, up to 500 jobs credits per month


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