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Academy President comments on the Global Talent Visa announcement

The Royal Academy of Engineering, together with the UK’s other national Academies and UKRI, has worked closely with the Home Office and other government departments to develop the Global Talent Visa (GTV), a new immigration route that will succeed the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa for individuals coming to the UK to work in research and innovation. The GTV retains and expands elements of the existing Tier 1 route while introducing a new pathway for individuals working on a research grant awarded by an ‘endorsed funder’.

Commenting on the new route, Professor Sir Jim McDonald FREng FRSE, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, says:

“I am delighted that we have been able to widen an important route for world-leading researchers to come and work in the UK. International talent makes a vital contribution to British engineering, both in academia and in industry, and plays an important role in making the UK an attractive destination for investment. The need for international expertise and collaboration grows ever more important as we look for solutions to the global challenges we face, from sustainable resources for a world population heading for 10 billion people, to implementing the benefits of AI and digital technologies.

“The first step of the new arrangements, which will come into force on 20 February, will allow awardees of a much larger range of UK and international Fellowships to receive fast-track visas through the Academies, while UKRI will administer a route that awards fast-track visas to principals and named team members of research and innovation grants from a range of endorsed funders.”

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