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Apply to be an external expert with Ofqual

Are you looking for a new challenge? Would you like to add experience to your CV?

We are looking for people to join us as external experts to help with our work on qualifications and assessments for GCSEs, A levels, a wide range of vocational and technical qualifications and new apprenticeship end-point assessments.

External experts are invaluable to the work we do to ensure the qualifications we regulate are fit for purpose ensuring that the right things can be assessed in a consistent way.

Who can be an external expert?

Become an expert for Ofqual

We are looking for people from a wide range of different backgrounds.

You might:

be a teacher, practitioner, assessor, examiner or an academic
have extensive skills and experience in a particular industry

All applications are evaluated against the eligibility criteria set out in the Person specification (PDF, 147KB, 5 pages). All new applicants must undergo satisfactory reference and identity checks and accept our Terms and Conditions (PDF, 350KB, 23 pages) prior to being appointed as an external expert.

How we make use of your expertise

There are lots of ways we might ask you to contribute. For example, we might ask you to:

comment on the content of qualifications and the quality of their assessments
provide specialist opinion, professional insight or industry expertise on a specific theme
become involved in large scale projects where qualifications are being developed, or respond to ad hoc queries
contribute to research projects

To see who is currently advising us, please download our current List of external experts (ODS, 35.2KB).

If appointed as an external expert, you will be contracted as an independent contractor to carry out specific projects and assignments on an ad-hoc basis over a 3 year period. We expect you to complete assignments to a high standard. You will receive feedback following the completion of each assignment in the following areas:

quality of work
working independently
working to time
working to specification

Why should I apply?

This is a great opportunity to:

use your professional expertise to help shape and improve the education system
be involved in crucial pieces of work that will benefit learners
gain an insight into how qualifications are regulated
be a representative for your subject or industry

Will I be paid?

The pay for each assignment is set by the manager commissioning the work, with each assignment individually appraised based on the completion time. The rate will be communicated with you prior to any work you are commissioned to undertake. 

How to apply?

Before applying, make sure you read the Terms and Conditions (PDF, 350KB, 23 pages) and the Privacy statement (PDF, 115KB, 4 pages).

To apply please complete the new applicant form on the External Expert Gateway.
We recommend that you use Google Chrome to access the external expert gateway.

The application process is open all year round, but we sometimes highlight specific subject areas and sectors where we are particularly looking for external experts.

Ofqual is looking for subject experts to support our review of the new technical qualifications that form part of T Levels in the following subject areas:

Design and development for engineering and manufacturing
Maintenance, installation and repair for engineering and manufacturing
Engineering, manufacturing, processing and control
Management and administration

T Levels are two-year study programmes at Level 3, designed to give students the skills that industry needs. They bring together classroom learning and an extended industry placement. The technical qualification (TQ) is the main classroom-based element.

We are looking for subject experts to support our review of new technical qualifications with experience in assessment design, mark schemes, examinations and teaching of the relevant subject.

Current experts

Renewing your contract

Sixty days before your 3 year contract as an external expert ends, you will receive an email notification to invite you to log on to the External Expert Gateway and complete a renewal application.

If you have received an email notification inviting you to renew your contract, please complete the renewal form by logging on to the gateway. We recommend that you use Google Chrome to access it.

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