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Alliance congratulates employers committed to new diplomas

The Alliance of Sector Skills Councils (the Alliance) has applauded the committed employers who have participated through the Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) educational institutions in preparing the Diploma qualification for the current school year.

The chairman of Alliance and chief executive of Skills for Health, John Rogers, said: “I can only applaud the commitment that thousands of employers have already made to the success of the Diploma programme that will not only provide young people with new learning opportunities but also ensure that they are better prepared for work.”

More than 5,000 employers were key to the delivery of the new qualification for students aged between 14 and 19, which combines general and applied learning to develop skills for a wide range of careers. It is expected to become one of the three main educational choices, to sit alongside GCSEs/A-Levels and Apprenticeships.

Due to the overwhelming support from employers, young people are able to be provided with a combination of the essential knowledge and skills that universities and employers looks for, and experience different learning environments with the emphasis on leaning in a business context.

Over the next three years, twelve more Diplomas are expected to be launched, and significant employers already supporting the Diplomas include the NHS, BT, Vodafone and Bovis.

The managing Director of Be Onsite, the not for profit arm of Bovis Lend Lease, Val Lowman, said: “For many years now, the industry has been campaigning to ensure that workers come into the sector with the right skills. The C&BE Diploma is an excellent platform for shaping tomorrow’s workforce and we are very excited to be part of this innovative programme.”

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