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Area Inspection Action Plans Push Initiatives Above National Level

A new report by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) has suggested that efforts to promote cooperation between different elements of the education and skills sector to improve the education of 14 to19 year olds are paying off.

The Annual Report of the Implementation of Area Inspection Action Plans is the result of an extensive course of inspections, covering around a third of Britain’s local authority areas. The report found that in areas in which local LSCs, local authorities and Connexions had made efforts to work together with schools, colleges and work-based learning providers, the results produced were ahead of the national average. In some cases, GCSE results showed a five percent increase, compared with the national average of one percent.

Melanie Hunt, Director of Young People’s Learning at the LSC attributed the positive findings to “collaborative partnerships” between education and training providers in local areas. She welcomed the report, saying that it “paints an encouraging picture of the valuable work being done across the country to take forward the 14-19 agenda.”

More Opportunities

One of the benefits of increased collaboration within the local educational sector has been a growth in the breadth and variety of learning opportunities available to young people .The report found that the “striking” range and diversity on offer has helped to meet specific learner entitlements more effectively, and to provide a wider range of information, advice and support.

The report also found that the involvement of a wide range of groups in 14-19 education has allowed the presence of vocational elements on the curriculum to be strengthened where necessary. Examples highlighted included the development of Apprenticeship schemes and the Increased Flexibility programme.

Melanie Hunt described the role of the LSC as the “broker in these collaborative partnerships”, adding that this latest report is evidence of their success to date in efforts to “deliver a broad and relevant range of learning opportunities for young people.”

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