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Athletic and Construction Workers trained in the South East

A new workforce designed specifically for the Olympics in 2012 is to be trained by member colleges of the Association of South East Colleges (AOSEC).

Competing with London and the rest of the South East region, AOSEC report that their colleges have won the contracts to train personnel in preparation for the games.

Sussex Downs College, having won the largest share of the work, will focus expressly on the full range of sport and leisure training; this includes coaching, leadership, women’s sport and recreation.

And it is not only the athletic aspect that the colleges must provide for. Central Sussex and Eastleigh Colleges have been granted contracts concerning specialist construction work relative to the colossal event. Meanwhile Oxford and Cherwell College will similarly be responsibly for a “Women in Construction” training package.

Speaking on behalf of AOSEC, Alan Corbett was exultant about the win: “Congratulations to Further Education colleges in South East England for rising to the challenge of training a workforce which will be responsible for this prestigious event, one that will define the nation’s image for many years, if not decades”.

Vijay Pattni.

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