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Award Winning International Student Recognised by Magazine

An international student at City College Brighton and Hove has been awarded a prestigious award for excellence by Computer Arts, a magazine for digital artists and designers.

28 year old Alexandra Krystova of the Czech Republic studied on the HND multimedia course at City College. The course bestowed her with a range of multi-media skills, which she drew on when entering the Computer Arts “Graduate Showcase” competition. The Computer Arts “Graduate Showcase” is an annual celebration of final year students on the UK’s higher education-level design courses.

Commenting on her experience of studying at City College, winning student Alexandra said: “Before coming to City College, I didn”t have any idea I could do this sort of work so it really helped me develop creatively. I was encouraged and supported to explore my own way of doing things and the tutors were always very positive.”

Music to her Ears”¦

Alexandra’s competition submission was a website for the Parlophone music festival, which she designed with her fellow students Phil Cobley and Kit Man. The website was a 4D record of the festival event allowing visitors to send messages, pictures and videos, which visitors were able to see in real-time on the large screen. Alexandra’s Parlophone Festival project achieved the Computer Arts Excellence Award.

Senior Art Editor for Computer Arts, Roddy Llewellyn, commented: “Of all the web and interactive media projects submitted to this years Graduate Showcase, Alexandras Parlophone Festival project was the most completed, original and comprehensive. She demonstrated a good understanding of brand identity and client needs, providing all the content the viewer would expect from a site like this. She provided this information in various formats, showing a professional understanding of the technology available on the web. Alexandras piece was the most accomplished and, most importantly, realistic site in the category, and thus deserved the Excellence Award.”

Winning the award has opened many doors for Alexandra. She has been head-hunted by Thin Martian, a London based web design company, and she will also be studying Multimedia at London College of Communication.

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