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ESF Awarded for Project for Lone Parents

In a scheme designed to encourage greater participation in education and training, European Social Funding (ESF) of £61,245 has been awarded to the Internet Exchange Training Centres Limited to fund a project aimed at lone parents from ethnic minorities.

The Lifelong Learning in Libraries project will deliver an introduction to IT amongst many other courses, offering guidance on training and education opportunities to people in London. This plan is especially for the more economically inactive and represents an attempt to help them to enhance their existing skills.

Training will be available in High Street Kensington Library, Brixton, Battersea, Putney, West Hampstead libraries, as well as Marylebone and Kings Road. The training will be a positive stepping stone to get people onto the learning ladder and to bring their skills up to date.

Partnership with Local Authorities

The project will also be targeting homeless people and those with basic skill needs and is working in partnership with 5 local authorities, as well as Ufi London Regional Office and nine libraries throughout Central London.

The plan will be to promote and deliver around 1000 bite-sized ICT taster courses and information, as well as introducing advice, guidance and progression onto additional courses.

The training is free for people aged 20 and over, so those interested should telephone 0800 9175 425 for further information.

Kavita Trivedi

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