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International Networking Conference Event Welcomes BLA to the Table

The British Learning and Development sector is to be represented at a conference in Berlin this November by the British Learning Association (BLA).

The conference, entitled Online Educa Berlin, will see the BLA working to promote the profile and awareness of the UK’s learning and development sector as a source for expertise. The BLA represents just such an example of expertise. They describe themselves as producing best practice examples and quickly locating the areas for innovation. They aim to spread this awareness across the sector.

Active in the World

The task of promoting UK learning is one that the BLA are grasping with both hands. They will aim to achieve their goal of raising awareness by organising a pre ““ conference forum on the subject of Lifelong Learning in the UK. At the event itself an exhibition will offer a fuller picture to delegates. Following the conference the British Embassy will be playing host to Online Educa delegates to support the message.

In attending the event, the BLA received the support of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). UKTI are a Government organisation offering support for British companies trading internationally and for companies based abroad seeking to relocate to the UK. Given their position in Government they offer a great deal of expertise and are seen as a key resource.

Approaching Partners

For the pre conference forum, the BLA have already been hard at work. They have approached the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), Becta and JISC to be involved. The event itself, Online Educa, is one of the largest International e-Learning and distance education events. In attendance there should be more than 2,000 senior officials, strategists and practitioners from around the globe.

The General Manager of the BLA, Brian Merison, was delighted to announce the opportunity. Speaking on this new opportunity, he said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to promote the UKs leading position in lifelong learning, and we are proud that the BLA is the organisation taking this forward with the support of UKTI.”

Jethro Marsh

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