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Key steps to getting the right job self awareness

Whether you are a student still at school, a graduate, or an adult, the first and most important step in getting the right job for you is to have good self-awareness. It sounds simple but what does it mean?

Who are you?

It means you need to have a good understanding of what type of work you will enjoy, what kind of environment you will thrive in, and what working atmosphere will give you energy, challenge and motivation day in, day out, for perhaps the next 40 years.

Do you already have a picture of what type of work that is? Do you know what your ideal career is and what motivates you? If not, then you need to develop clearer personal insight and improve your self-awareness.

As a careers coach and trainer I have worked with adults, sixth form and university students for the last 10 years, and have helped them develop a career focus and set goals that will bring them job satisfaction, and success, in their working lives.

Many of those I have worked with have sought help because they felt at a crossroads, and didn’t know which way to turn. Some were due to leave school or university without a career plan, or were considering changing to another degree course because they were having second thoughts about the way forward. But believe me, it is a whole lot easier to take a step back, or change career direction at the start of your career, when you don’t have too many commitments than it is in your thirties or forties, when you have too many to count.

To gain better self-awareness and find the type of work that suits your skills, experience, aptitude and talents you need to seek professional careers guidance and coaching help, This can be enhanced by using a number of testing and evaluation tools, although there are numerous tests on the market, the one I prefer to use is the Morrisby Profile, as it can be used from the age of 15 years upwards. The test and the careers questionnaire takes between 3-4 hours and after completion you receive a very comprehensive, individual report, detailing your strengths, and aptitudes as well as your limitations, and it culminates in a range of career options that match your individual criteria. This is followed by a 1-1 feedback session, and ongoing website support from Morrisby containing up to date careers information, job details with hyperlinks, information sheets, and the UK Course Finder. It is a financial investment, but don’t you think you’re worth it?

And, just to give you someone else’s perspective – I was watching the Ryder Cup recently. If you watched it too, you may have seen a short interview with Colin Montgomery, Captain of the European Ryder Cup team. The interviewer asked him if he still enjoyed playing golf for a living. “Yes” he replied, “I still enjoy it, but whether you enjoy playing golf for a living, or you enjoy making widgets, it’s the same thing – if you enjoy what you do, you’re likely to be good at it!” How true!

Lesley Fisher-Glenesk is founder of Unlock the Potential Within, the E-learning, training and coaching service for students and graduates who want to achieve their career potential

To find out more about any of the information mentioned above, or to put your name down for Lesley’s next ‘virtual’ Morrisby test, visit: Unlock the Potential Within

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