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Lantra, SSC for Environmental and Land Based Sector, Announces Specialised Diploma

It has been announced that 14 to 19 year olds will be able to acquire the new Land-based and Environmental Specialised Diploma from 2009.

Designed by land-based and environmental sector employers, a consultation is underway urging these employers in the sector to have their say and contribute to the development of the Specialised Diploma. The involvement of employers in the design of the content and structure of the qualification will ensure that students acquire the knowledge and skills essential for a successful career in land-based and environmental industries.

Working Together

Lantra, the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the environmental and land-based sector, is working closely with five partner SSCs covering areas such as food, hospitality, sport leisure and energy, utility and construction in order to consult on developing the Land-based and Environmental Specialised Diploma. Employers in the sector wishing to get involved or to simply have their say can do so by visiting the Land-based and Environmental Diploma website by clicking here and completing a short questionnaire.

Peter Martin, the Lantra Chief Executive, said: “The exciting thing about this new diploma is that it is designed by industry, ensuring that it is in line with employers” needs. It will give young people a real understanding of the practical skills and knowledge required to work in environmental and land-based sector in the UK and help provide a steady flow of young recruits with the skills and attitude for work in the sector.”

Levels for a Level Playing Field

The Specialised Diploma will be offered on 3 levels. Level 1 will be the equivalent of four to five GCSEs; Level 2 will be the equivalent of five to six GCSEs; Level 3 will be the equivalent of three A levels. The Specialised Diploma can also be studied alongside the existing National Curriculum. Young people wishing to pursue the Specialised Diploma will need to have mastered functional skills in English, Maths and ICT.

Work experience will be a key aspect for young people studying for the Land-based and Environmental Specialised Diploma. The benefit for young people achieving the Specialised Diploma is higher levels of skills across a range of industries. The Specialised Diploma should benefit employers by reducing recruitment and training costs as well as staff turnover. It is important to point out the Land-based and Environmental Specialised Diploma is not an apprenticeship.

The Specialised Diploma is aimed at those who wish to remain in full time education, and though it will provide young people with a range of skills relating to a number of industries, it will not provide job-specific training.

Manju Rani

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