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LSC launches travelling Careers Advice booth

According to new research, 74 per cent of the population are planning to change their career, however one in four suspect they never will because of uncertainty about what they’re looking for.

The survey by the Careers Advice Service, which was formerly known as Learndirect Careers Advice but is now part of the Learning and Skills Council (LSC), sampled roughly a thousand adults in England who have not yet retired.

It found that 71 per cent believed the best way to keep their career moving forward was through gaining a new qualification, and 60 per cent wanted a change in career to learn new things. Some 47 per cent wanted the career change to earn more money, while 36 per cent admitted they were unsure of their career goals and aspirations.

To help address this, LSC has launched a travelling Careers Advice booth for adults seeking advice about their jobs. Advisers will be on hand at the booth – based at London Bridge Railway Station, Main Concourse today – to assist curious passers-by.

LSC’s Director for Adults and Lifelong Learning, Jon Gamble, who oversees the Careers Advice Service, said: "The Careers Advice booth is a great way of giving people the opportunity to meet Careers Advisers and get first hand advice on getting into work or progressing further in their careers.

"Over the next 10 years, it will become increasingly difficult to get a job without any basic qualifications[1] and this campaign will help to raise awareness and provide valuable information about the accessibility of skills training and acquiring the relevant qualifications, meaning that there has never been a better time for individuals to actively consider learning new skills, or even building on their existing skills."


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