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New Market Share Figures Released by Department for Work and Pensions

A new report published by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) shows that its integrated work and benefit service, Jobcentre Plus, plays a leading role in filling British job vacancies.

Data collected by IFF Research Limited over the course of a six-month period reveals that almost half of all recruiting employers in Great Britain (43%) are served by Jobcentre Plus, and that a third have placed at least half their vacancies with them. Take-up rates continue in this vein with 63% of employers who use the service successfully enrolling no less than 50% of their recruits as a direct consequence.

Findings will Enhance Customer Job Prospects

The report, the data for which came from some 4,500 telephone interviews, examines employers” awareness of, use of and satisfaction with recruitment services in the market place, as well as contrasting the services of Jobcentre Plus with those of other recruitment methods. It is intended that the results will provide a benchmark against which, future annual research will be compared.

Vital information will be gleaned from the report to help improve the understanding of employer requirements amongst staff so that in turn, they can better prepare candidates for the positions on offer. Findings will also be used to develop marketing campaigns that attract specific vacancies according to customer needs. A key partnership with the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) seemingly consolidates objectives set by the DWA to help more and more people actively compete for work.

Targeting a Success

The report identifies “Service quality”, “Producing suitable candidates” and “Understanding client needs” as significant factors which determine the choice of recruitment channels. The promise of a “free service” also proves to be highly popular amongst employers choosing to use Jobcentre Plus. Most notable though, is the success of targeting strategies. Concentrating on nine business sectors Jobcentre Plus have deliberately prioritised occupations that account for roughly half (52%) of all vacancies filled and represent around three quarters (76%) of all vacancies advertised.

With the launch of a new online service that allows employers round-the-clock access to their vacancies, and a guarantee that Jobcentre Plus will be introduced everywhere by 2006 it is reasonable to expect further gains in the future.

Research Report 261 can be viewed in its entirety on the DWP website if you click here

Phillip Byrne

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