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Programme aimed at increasing retention rates

Chesterfield College has joined forces with Endeavour Training Ltd to supply IMPACT (Innovative Methods of Practical and Classroom Teaching) which help reduce the number of students giving up early on their college course.

The 12-week course blends practical exercises including adventure activities, team building and problem solving with paperwork, classroom work and reviewing to increase self esteem, key skills and obtain an entry level qualification: NCFE Working Together.

Specialist organisation, Read on Write-Away (ROWA), have worked alongside Endeavour and Chesterfield College to ensure paperwork is suitable for all the learners involved.

Pat McLoughlin, workplace manager for ROWA comments: “We worked with Endeavour to design course materials which embedded Skills for Life and made them accessible to the young people taking part. We helped assist the students reviewing some of the activities they had undertaken, for example abseiling and climbing.”

12 students started the first programme and nine of them successfully completed their qualification. Most of these learners continued to study further education at Chesterfield College.

The following year IMPACT focused on catering, auto engineering and social and personal care. A staggering 26 out of the 27 students completed their qualifications. 23 of these students went on to continue their further education training, with 19 completing their studies.

Liz Sterland, head of learning of the directorate of business and leisure management, Chesterfield College stated “The retention data indicated 100% for a specific group of learners and saw excellent development of their communication and confidence building skills.”

Martin Higgins, project worker, Endeavour Training added: “IMPACT worked really well not only for the students taking part but also for the college. Retention rates increased, qualifications were gained and most importantly, the students have continued into further education, taking with them invaluable skills and experience.”

The students celebrated their success with the presentation of framed certificates by Frank Smith, chair of Chesterfield College Corporation and Les Roberts, chief executive of Endeavour Training, followed by a fun filled day at Alton Towers.

Chris Mitchell

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