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Teacher Training Centre Head in Northampton wins Innovative Teacher Award

The Head of as training centre in Northampton is celebrating today following the announcement that he has won the Innovative Teacher of the Month award from computing giants Microsoft.

Guy Shearer, who is the manager of the Learning Discovery Centre in Far Cotton near Northampton, was chosen for the award by the software giant for his creative use of technology in education and training. The award was given to him following his work in setting up a series of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related workshops to improve children’s literacy and numeracy skills.

Making ICT Accessible

Mr Shearer joined the Northamptonshire County Council-run teacher training facility in Alton Street after a time as Deputy Head at Ferrers Specialist Arts College. The award will see Mr Shearer judge the Microsoft’s Office Winner of the Week that is held and announced through its website as well as its Innovative Teachers Programme Award.

Mr Shearer said: “Our aim was to make ICT accessible to learning situations, such as creating a workshop to improve childrens literacy using PowerPoint software. We created six different lessons using computer programmes and invited children from Cedar Road Primary School to try it out for a day.”

He expressed his pleasure at his recognition, saying: “I am really pleased and surprised at being given the award because we sent Microsoft examples of our work to thank them for letting us use their programmes.” Microsoft are planning to incorporate the lessons into a training pack for teachers, with Mr Shearer also being invited to talk about his work at the annual BETT show, an ICT trade show for schools in London later this month.

David Burrows, director of education at Microsoft said: “Guy is an example of a teacher who really understands the importance of using available technologies to create engaging and innovative lessons for all children, whatever their preferred learning style and needs. We are looking forward to working with him more in the future.”

Jethro Marsh

Congratulate Mr. Shearer in the FE Blog

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